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On August 28th, 2020

How to Improve Customer Service Over the Phone


Attentive customer service can either build or break your company’s relationships. If things are going well, good interactions help strengthen ties.. But the same goes for difficult calls. When someone calls with a complaint, being able to fix the problem with great customer service has the power to repair your connection—and possibly make them more loyal than ever before.

Where Does Customer Satisfaction Start?

We should never underestimate the opportunities that can come from a well-handled phone call. When a dissatisfied customer reaches out, that just means your company has the chance to make things right. Of course, this is easier said than done. There are different rules and protocols for every company. And some people will stay upset no matter what you do! But there are still concrete ways to set your team up for success with any customer service call.

The first rule of thumb is making sure your employees themselves feel good about the company. Customer satisfaction starts internally. Teams that aren’t feeling content with their own work dynamics are going to have a harder time remedying the various complaints that unhappy customers bring their way. Our tone of voice is so important for business calls, and employee satisfaction is key. Keeping tabs on the morale within your company can help ensure that whenever someone answers the phone, they’re doing it with a smile.

Reviewing the Phone Call Script

A quick customer script can be an easy solution for starting the conversation off on the right foot. Using a set phrase for introducing yourself and asking how you can help—and then having pre-approved responses for frequent requests—can streamline your team’s process. Just remember: these phrases need to sound and feel natural. A robotic reply doesn’t do much for endearing customers to your brand as a whole.

That’s why some companies find benefits with call recording. Being able to review customer service calls that ended well (versus not-so-well) can give employees a better understanding of how to have more success in their role. Real-life examples are powerful teaching tools. They show your team and supervisors where certain exchanges have fallen flat, as well as places where taking a different approach to resolve the problem could have been more helpful.

Professionalism in the Office—and Remote Work

Another aspect of providing great customer service over the phone is actually being able to answer the phone. Companies across all industries are exploring the remote working model, so making the switch to a hosted business phone solution is a smart tactic for getting ahead of the competition. Then you and your team can start taking calls whether you’re in the office or working from home!

Other business owners might investigate their options with softphones too. This process lets you answer and make business calls from a mobile device, which is great for both remote work at a home office and professionals who are often traveling or on-the-go.

No matter what business phone system makes the most sense for your company, Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is here to help. We design custom solutions for companies of all sizes. There are lots of reasons for upgrading your business phones. If you’re frustrated with your current options, just send us a message. Our team would be happy to work with you to find a telecommunications system that aligns with how you do business.

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