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On June 23rd, 2020

New Allworx Softphone Leads the Way for Remote Work

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As more teams embrace remote working, it's only natural for companies to analyze their communications setups. Without a softphone solution, it can be difficult or even impossible to manage calls and messages away from the standard office setting. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the new Allworx Softphones to our clients and other organizations. If you’re searching for a solution that helps you be flexible with a work from home schedule, this option for the Allworx system could be a great match.

Using Softphones for Business

Put simply, a “softphone” is a software program that offers users a new method for continuing their work wherever is most convenient. The softphone lets you work remotely because it makes calls over the internet. Moreover, it doesn’t rely on a specific type of hardware. You can install the softphone software on your home desktop, laptop, or your smartphone. That way, you answer or place calls through your company account no matter your location.

Many teams find that softphone solutions allow them to stay nimble amidst changing public health concerns. Incorporating a softphone solution into your telecommunications budget can also be a smart move for your HR goals and employee satisfaction too. The ability to work remotely on occasion can certainly give employees a nice morale boost!

Stay Connected with the Allworx Interact Softphone

As with any other tech investment, it’s important for companies to take a close look at their softphone options. Learning more about Allworx is a great place to start because they’ve been leading the way with telecommunications systems for nearly 20 years. Their solutions for building a more effective remote work process is just another item on their strong track record. For teams that have an existing Allworx business communications system, pairing the new Allworx Softphone is an easy upgrade. The softphone includes all of the features that the typical Allworx Interact software client is familiar with, so it’s an easy transition for remote work.

The softphone retains all the Allworx features, including the standard user interface to monitor current call status. You can also review your call history, manage call recording, adjust presence settings, and more. The integration offers quick access to your internal and external contacts, like with Microsoft Outlook. You can even utilize Salesforce or dial out through the application database. And that’s on top of the click to dial option, the drag and drop functionality, and the park to extension feature (which is relatively new to Allworx systems). The softphone has everything teams already like about the office Allworx system and just brings those benefits to your remote working location!

Ready to Improve Your Remote Process?

With Allworx, one softphone license covers a team member no matter where they go – whether you’re traveling with your laptop, working from home, or back in the office. The softphone software empowers teams to stay productive anywhere with remote work, and the Allworx solution keeps it simple.

As an Authorized Allworx Partner, our team at Enhanced Telecommunications is here to answer any questions you might have about switching to a softphone operation. If you’re ready for a new way to communicate, we serve the entire state of Idaho and Eastern Oregon. We would be happy to help!

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