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On September 17th, 2019

4 Call Recording Tactics that Build Business


When we’re on the phone and on hold, the voice that tells us “your call may be monitored or recorded” is pretty familiar. We’ve all heard the phrase before, but have you really stopped to think about what call recording could do for your own business?

4 Reasons Why Companies Use Call Recording

While we normally think of call recording in relation to call centers, there are a few strategic reasons why even smaller companies can use the same tactics that call recording has to offer. Recording your calls has benefits even when you don’t have a specific manager in charge of reviewing your team’s conversations with customers. Here are some of the best ones:

1. You can utilize real-life examples

Think about the other end of that common sentence. Calls are recorded for “quality and training purposes.” It’s not about collecting irrelevant data. Companies use call recording because it gives people in leadership positions specific insights into what is and isn’t working for their customer service reps.

Even having just one sample of how to diffuse a disgruntled caller can be extremely useful for new hires, and even experienced team members. Sometimes it’s hard to translate generic customer service training into how you interact with own real-life callers on a day-to-day basis. By having a recorded call from someone who’s actually talking about your products, services, and process to a caller, it’s a lot easier to get pointed in the right direction.

2. You can make strategic improvements

As you start reviewing your calls, you might notice a running theme between your longer and more complicated types of customer service requests. Analyzing a few of the more difficult calls can give you some precious intel on how to communicate better with your customers and clients before they even need to pick up the phone. You might need to make adjustments to problems you weren’t even aware of.

Is there vital information missing from your website? Are they calling because your orders are getting slower and slower on a particular shift? It’s nice to be able to have a better picture of what’s going on around your business when you can listen to your customers’ unfiltered feedback. Then you’re able to review your marketing efforts, reorganize your schedule, or do whatever else needs to be done to keep growing your company and customer loyalty.

Of course, you can say the same for those really positive calls, too! It’s always helpful to see what’s really working for your brand and what your customers appreciate the most. Plus, you want to learn about what your team is doing right so you can acknowledge their hard work.

3. You can include overlooked details

It doesn’t matter whether your call flow is over 200 calls per day or you’re working through 15 quick conversations—sometimes details get lost. There are bound to be mistakes and miscommunications eventually. By having the right safety nets in place, though, you can help minimize the damage.

Maybe your receptionist forgot to catch the last name of that big client who wants to set up a meeting next week. Or maybe you quickly jotted down the tracking number of an order before heading out to lunch. Then, now that you’re back to your computer, one of those digits is wrong. Instead of bothering your customer or vendor and calling them back, you can just listen to your recorded call to get the information you need. Human error happens, and recorded calls can help your company save face.

4. You can review hard evidence

Call recording is primarily used to support your customer service. However, it might also be a crucial component of your company’s defense strategy if you ever face a major dispute down the line. Any litigation process can be a logistical and financial nightmare when business owners aren’t prepared. If you have documentation for every type of phone conversation, you won’t be left dealing with an ambiguous he-said/she-said type of fight.

It’s easier to resolve arguments when all of the facts are clearly laid out. If you want to give your company the benefit of having secure call recording for your team, just work with your local business phone systems provider. Making the switch to a business phone VoIP system can help get you ready to record calls whenever you want—and get the benefits that other companies have been enjoying.

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