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Checkpoint’s world class range of EAS antennas have been designed to meet your product protection, operational and store environment needs.

Our antenna solutions work to deter theft before a potential thief enters your store, detecting stolen items, increasing product availability, improving in-store efficiency and providing the best possible experience for your shoppers.

Different Types of Antennas

MetalPoint HyperGuard

MetalPoint™ HyperGuard™ is a new digital based software solution with superior metal detection capabilities and addresses the challenges retailers face each day. MetalPoint™ HyperGuard™ acts as a visual deterrent and can be seamlessly integrated into Checkpoint’s EVOLVE family of antenna*, or be used as a sleek, stand-alone pedestal alongside existing radio frequency (RF) EAS systems.
Features and Benefits:
  • Foil lined bag and magnetic detacher detection
  • 100% exclusion of metal shopping carts
  • New software guarantees that only organized retail crime systems will generate alarms
  • Individual alarm detection alerts: differentiates the ORC method being used and gives early indication
  • Complements jammer detection available in Checkpoint EAS solutions
  • Improved metal detection: able to detect even the smallest and smartest of ORC systems
  • Stand-alone antenna is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also acts as a visual deterrent against professional shoplifters
  • Detects potential organized retail crime operations
  • Prevents merchandise theft by alerting staff to potential thieves
  • Filters out most other legitimate metal objects such as keys, laptop computers, and shopping carts
  • Stand-alone pedestal offers a sleek and elegant design

*Excluding the EVOLVE S10 antenna. Integration available for EVOLVE P-Series and EVOLVE G-Series.


MetalPoint™ detects foil-lined clothing or ‘booster’ bags often used by professional thieves. The system discreetly alerts store colleagues to potential thieves as they enter a store, without disrupting genuine consumers’ shopping experiences. MetalPoint can be seamlessly integrated into Checkpoint’s EVOLVE family of antennas*, or used as a sleek, stand-alone pedestal alongside existing radio frequency (RF) EAS systems.


Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Electronic article surveillance, or EAS, is an anti-shoplifting system used by retail businesses where an electronically-detectable tag is attached to the item of clothing or merchandise.

Checkpoint is mainly experienced in working with Radio Frequency (RF), but provides also Acousto-Magnetic (AM) accessories, and has implemented global source tagging projects.

Enhanced is able to offer creative solutions to your EAS tagging needs while ensuring that the need for covert tag placement is met.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduced labor, easy to apply
  • Ideal for delicate fabrics, no damage to the garment
  • Brand enhancement, open merchandising
  • Covert in nature and incorporated into current labeling needs
  • Speed of delivery to the shop floor
  • Better customer experience – easier to try garments on & reduces lines at checkout

Sell More, Lose Less

Checkpoint is the leader in merchandise availability, loss prevention, and inventory visibility.

Merchandise Availability Solutions

Checkpoint’s mission is to discover meaningful insights into what retailers need in order to sell more and lose less merchandise. We translate those insights into noticeably superior products and solutions that address retailers’ needs with a clear return on their investment.

Enhanced offers a broad product portfolio that includes EAS systems comprised of hardware, consumables and software, Alpha® high-theft security solutions, and RFID merchandise visibility solutions including hardware, software, tags and labels, and services and installation support. All of this is complemented by our global field services expertise in worldwide implementations, maintenance and monitoring of our solutions.

We are committed to helping retailers grow profitability by providing our customers with a wide variety of solutions.

Different Types of Anti-Theft Tags

I am confident that installing Checkpoint’s systems in all of our locations will deliver an immediate impact on our profitability by reducing our shrink and increasing our sales. –VP, LOSS PREVENTION – FAMILY DOLLAR

Checkpoint's solutions will further enhance our customers’ shopping experience by providing improved operational visibility, enabling us to more efficiently identify items which need to be replenished on the sales floor. SENIOR EXECUTIVE VP - RETAIL DEPARTMENT STORE

Checkpoint's solutions have allowed us to keep high-theft electronics on open display, and have given our shoppers the opportunity to be interactive with the merchandise before purchasing. - SENIOR VP, LOSS PREVENTION  INTERNATIONAL RETAILER

The 4210 EP Food Label offers maximum protection and enhanced deactivation at the point-of-sale, which improves my store's merchandise availability and enhances my shoppers experience - VP, STORE OPERATIONS  INTERNATIONAL GROCERY RETAILER

Checkpoint helped us make it easier for customers to physically pick up and handle devices such as drills, and other power tools without locking the units behind a counter or sealed case. - INTERNATIONAL DIY RETAILER

Customers want the right products on-shelf, easily accessible, and visually enticing. Source tagging high-risk health and beauty products with Checkpoint helps us achieve this. - VP, OPERATIONS - NORTH AMERICAN DRUGSTORE CHAIN

By implementing an RFID source tagging program, we can maintain perpetual inventory accuracy more efficiently than with manual inventory counts, which leads us to improved profitability. - INTERNATIONAL SPORTING GOODS RETAILER

Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is a certified dealer and installer of Checkpoint products since 2017.


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