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Business Telephone Systems in Boise, ID

Business telephone systems are available in a number of different configurations. Having the correct system setup for your business is vital to your success. At Enhanced Telecommunications, we understand the tools that businesses need to succeed and after a thorough evaluation of your business, we can customize the best system that suits your specific needs. Business Telephone systems from Enhanced Telecommunications will allow you to connect employees, devices and information resources with ease. There are many things to consider when looking at what your telecommunications needs might be for your business, including:

  • PBX/VoIP
  • Call Accounting
  • Automated Attendant
  • ACD – Automated Call Distribution
  • Call Center Applications
  • Unified Messaging Systems
  • Call Recording
  • Fax to Desktop
  • On Hold Promotions
  • Video Conferencing
  • Mobile Softphones
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • and MORE!

All-In-One VoIP Communication Platform

A desk from a company that uses our business voip telephone systems in Boise, ID

Create a Perfect Fit.

Whether your employees are in a single location or multiple sites, desk-bound or road-bound, take inbound calls or make outbound calls, Allworx can create a solution that best fits your business communication style.

Meet Allworx® Connect

More powerful. More advanced. Allworx Connect, our third-generation family of VoIP communication systems, has good looks and serious specs in one compact package.


  • Economical and scalable models.
  • High-speed solid state storage subsystem.
  • Bank-grade HTTPS encryption for access security.
  • Wall- and rack-mountable.
  • Interoperability with the latest VoIP standards used by major carriers.
  • Native Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with VLANs.
  • Models with or without analog FXO ports.

Allworx Connect 731

  • For up to 180 users.1
  • 60 concurrent external calls.
  • 2 FXO ports.
  • 2 FXS ports.
  • 3 network ports.
  • 1 T1 port.2

Allworx Connect 536 and 530

  • For up to 50 users.1
  • 30 concurrent external calls.
  • With or without 6 FXO ports.
  • 2 FXS ports.
  • 3 network ports.

Allworx Connect 324 and 320

  • For up to 20 users.1
  • 12 concurrent external calls.
  • With or without 4 FXO ports.
  • 2 FXS ports.
  • 2 network ports.

1. Requires an additional software license key(s) to expand users above the base.
2. Requires an additional software license key.

Allworx® IP Phones

Allworx IP phones are built to work seamlessly with Allworx VoIP communication systems, ensuring unparalleled ease-of-use and customization.


  • Programmable function buttons — for busy lamp fields, shared line appearances, queues, and many more.
  • Full-duplex speakerphone.
  • Visual ring indicator.
  • Integrated Ethernet switch.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) – no power cord needed.
  • High-fidelity audio with built-in headset connectivity.

Allworx 9224 with three Tx 92/24 Expanders

  • 24 programmable buttons.
  • 192 × 64 pixel backlit display.
  • Add up to 3 Tx 92/24 Expanders (as shown).

Allworx 9204 & 9204G

  • 4 programmable buttons.
  • 192 × 64 pixel backlit display.
  • Built-in Gigabit Ethernet for 9204G.

Allworx 9212L

  • 12 programmable buttons.
  • 192 × 64 pixel backlit display.

Allworx 9202E

  • 2 call appearance buttons.
  • 128 × 36 pixel backlit display.

Talk the Way You Want.

Customize your Allworx VoIP communication system with advanced software add-ons.

Allworx® Reach™ provides a complete business communication system that fits in your pocket. The Reach mobile app extends the rich functionality of your Allworx VoIP communication system right to your iOS and Android devices. Allworx Reach Link™ ensures a seamless voice experience, even as your mobile data network changes. Learn more

Allworx Interact™ Professional is the ultimate call control dashboard, combining the ease of a PC-based interface with the high voice quality of the Allworx IP phone. Allworx Interact Sync™ integrates Allworx with Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Outlook, and web browsers for a smooth one-click communication flow. Learn more

Allworx Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) intelligently distributes incoming calls in linear, round-robin, longest idle, or ring-all modes. Allworx ACD supports up to 10 queues with configurable depth.

Allworx View™ delivers comprehensive historical call activity reports to help you track metrics that drive your business performance. For call center teams, Allworx View ACD provides easy-to-see graphical charts on customizable dashboards to help everyone stay on top of queue and agent stats in real time. Learn more

Allworx Advanced Multi-Site unifies up to 100 locations under a centralized phone system to enhance employee collaboration and reduce telecom costs. Features include global directory, extension dialing, global voicemail, and shared user presence/status across all sites.

Allworx Conference Center is an easy-to-use, secure, and cost-effective voice conferencing solution. Pay a one-time server license fee for unlimited usage.

Allworx Dual Language Support provides two language voice prompts and phone texts in English, and Castilian Spanish or Canadian French.

Allworx OfficeSafe™ is a FREE backup tool for all your Allworx server data and application files. Back up an unlimited number of Allworx servers at a time that’s most convenient for each site.

Avaya IP Office

This line of powerful deskphones offers brilliant audio quality, low power requirements, customizability and performance. The phones feature context-sensitive graphical interfaces and large color touchscreens, which deliver increased call control while simplifying the traditional telephone experience.


  • 8 Programmable Buttons with dual LEDs (red, green)
  • Monochrome display – 3.2 inches x 2.2
  • Up to three 12- or 24-button Expansion Modules


  • 8 Programmable Buttons with dual LEDs (red, green)
  • Color display - 2.8 inches x 2.1 inches –Diagonal width: 3.5
  • Up to three 12- or 24-button Expansion Modules


  • 24 administrative buttons with 5 lines
    displayed (configuration dependent)
  • Color display 5” diagonal 4.4 inches x
    2.5 inches
  • up to three 12- or 24-button Expansion Modules.


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