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On November 10th, 2021

3 Smart Telecomm Investments to Round Out the Year


Your company’s annual budget review often helps clarify your next steps for an optimistic financial forecast. Whether you have a significant cash surplus to spend, or you’re looking to lower your tax liability, making some strategic decisions for your company’s IT and telecommunications solutions can be a smart course of action.

What’s the Best Telecomm Investment for Your Business?

The world of telecommunications is constantly improving and changing. That’s why you need to consider your long-term goals. One place to start might be to think about your outdated telecomm systems. Has it been 5 years or more since you last adopted new technology? Or maybe your site still hasn’t caught up with a modern process for remote work, video surveillance, or access control.

No matter your current setup, Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is here to help. Moving some money off the books at the end of the year can put you in a stronger position for the road ahead. Along the way, we’ll help your company think through the issues that matter most. And make sure you get the best outcomes possible for your budget!

Solutions for Every Category of Commercial Telecommunications

In a nutshell, the best telecomm solutions for companies come from a few different categories. Do you provide a service? That might mean you spend most of your time communicating via email or over the phone. Or does your business sell products, so you’re often working on your feet? Perhaps you need to pay attention to building security too.

There are some industries that seem to focus on all of these aspects of telecommunications (think: car dealerships, sales professionals, etc.). However, the vast majority of companies will have one primary focus. Based on your line of work, some solutions are usually more valuable than others.


More companies are embracing remote work environments as the “norm,” and not just temporary public health and safety precautions. Consequently, there’s a new interest in making sure your technology can handle the shifts.

Business softphones have given teams the ability to work remotely without sacrificing the communications tools that they use in the office. The solution is essentially computer software, and it’s set up just like your desktop and business phones. If your company is still requiring employees to use smartphones or even their personal cell phone for work, moving to a softphone solution is an absolute must.


Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) provides a great line of defense for any type of brick-and-mortar retail company. The EAS tags can be used on just about any product, and the solution is proven to reduce inventory shrinkage. If you aren’t already utilizing EAS security tags, this could be a great way to protect your bottom line for the long-term.

Retail security is especially important during the holiday season. With more people coming to your store, there can also be an influx of shoplifters. Having a permanent EAS system installed helps business owners gain more peace of mind throughout the year. Make the investment now—and ideally before the shopping season really gets in full swing.


The third type of telecommunications investment relates to your property's logistics. Confirming that your building is secure on a day-to-day basis can help protect your assets, as well as improve your company’s image in the community. Sites that are well-maintained are always more inviting.

It's helpful to remember that most employees appreciate the exclusivity of having access control systems in the buildings where they work. There’s no reason for people who are unrelated to your organization to enter your site unannounced. Having personnel badges or even a keypad at your entrances can be easy upgrades for your team.

The other side of building security is installing video surveillance cameras. These are especially beneficial when you don’t have an operations or facility manager on-site 24/7. If there’s ever an incident in the middle of the night, you’ll want to be able to share video evidence with law enforcement. Plus, it’s a nice way to verify that your employees are using their access control solutions correctly. You don’t want people “trailing behind” actual employees to get into the building. Everyone should be using their own access control badge or entry code.

No matter what type of situation you’re working in, please know that our team can help with your telecommunications needs! From your IT infrastructure and cabling, to your VoIP solutions, building access control, EAS tagging, and more—Enhanced Telecommunications has got you covered! Together, we’ll help you make a great investment.

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