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On October 22nd, 2021

The Holidays Are Coming—Keep Your Store’s Inventory Safe with EAS Tagging


The end of the year is usually the busiest time for retailers. Everyone is excited to do their holiday shopping, and that's great for business! Unfortunately, there’s also an increased risk of having shoplifters wandering around your store.

When your employees are helping other customers, how can you protect your merchandise from sneaking off the shelves—with people who haven’t paid? This is where EAS systems can help. Business owners who use EAS security tags for their high-value merchandise are in a much better position to keep all of their holiday profits.

How Do EAS Security Tags Work?

Think of anti-theft systems as a long-term investment for your business. A streamlined, affordable setup should help prevent shoplifting right away, as well as for the long-term. Of course, that's also about working with the right EAS solutions provider.

There are a few components to an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) security system. First, you'll have the EAS security tags themselves. These are extremely versatile and come in all different sizes. They can also attach to products in different ways. You can use them when you’re selling articles of clothing, home goods, accessories, groceries, and more.

Next, you'll have the antenna equipment at the front of your store entrance/exit. This will sound an alarm when a “tagged” piece of merchandise passes through. There might be items that haven’t been “deactivated” at the checkout counter. Your employees will either have an EAS device that can be physically removed during checkout or a sticker to get “scanned.” After that, any paying customers can leave the store without setting off the alarm.

On the other hand, the alarm might sound because someone's actually trying to walk away with an EAS-tagged item! This is why the EAS systems are so helpful for retail shrinkage. They call attention to potential problems before you lose those products for good.

The Best EAS System Benefits for Retailers

Plenty of retailers decide to install EAS systems before the holidays. But there are other motivators. Maybe your neighboring storefronts have already been using EAS tags for a while. Or perhaps those inventory shrinkage and loss sheet reports are starting to look a little too severe. Once you make the switch, you’re sure to see some great benefits for your bottom line. Then you can put that money toward new inventory or even an end-of-year bonus!

Along the way, just be sure to educate your employees about the best-use practices with your EAS security system. They need to know what to do when the alarm goes off. Make sure they get in the habit of approaching the person leaving the store and then politely asking to check their bags or receipt. This is actually a good part of any customer service policy. You want your team to be able to deactivate any EAS tags that got missed. Otherwise, that shopper might end up running into the same problem at another store they visit. Explaining this reasoning helps show your customers that you're thinking of their best interests.

Make Your Holiday Business Even Better with Retail Security Tags!

Whether you own a small business or you manage a larger storefront, loss prevention is always a top priority. EAS security systems can be a reliable line of defense. If you’re ready to protect your inventory and bottom line—our team is here to help.

Enhanced Telecommunications and Data works with all types of commercial accounts for their security needs and IT solutions. We have extensive experience with EAS systems, and we also partner with clients for their commercial surveillance camera systems too. Our technology service offerings are varied and scalable, so please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’d be happy to schedule a consultation to determine whether our team would be a good fit for your needs!

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