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On December 11th, 2019

3 Telecom Solutions to Give Your Company Next Year


As business owners get ready to close out the year—and their expense reports—it’s often worth looking at a few different telecommunications upgrades. Getting a more streamlined system for your business phones, making the switch to a cloud-based platform, or investing in solid on-site security are all good options. When you take a closer look at what each of these categories really mean, you might find that now is a great time for a change.

1. Focus on Better Communication

Putting people first with quality customer service is always a solid business practice. So whenever you’re thinking about how your telecommunications technology is working, remember to go back to the basics. Your business phone systems are an important part of your customer service. Are they allowing you to communicate effectively? Or are people feeling frustrated with poor sound quality? It should be easy for everyone to understand what’s being said.

You may also want to review your on hold messages. Do your recorded messages need to be reworked or updated with new information? Maybe you’re extending your hours in the new year, or you’re starting to offer a new service. You can advertise those details while callers are on hold. If your technology has fallen behind, then you might want to improve these items first.

2. Stay Engaged with Remote Workers

Companies that have dispersed team members sometimes face different challenges. While working remotely is becoming more common in today’s environment, you still want to be sure that everyone is able to feel emotionally connected to their peers and your organization’s mission. Embracing video conferencing can be one way to help everyone collaborate without needing to share a physical office space.

Often times, these solutions go hand-in-hand with a Cloud PBX phone system. Working with cloud-hosting gives your team the option to take incoming business calls wherever they’re located, whether that’s a home office or while they’re in the car to their next meeting. Running your phone service through an internet connection can give your entire workforce more flexibility for how they keep in touch. Plus, these types of telecommunications systems can end up helping companies save money. You don’t need to rely on a outside phone system vendor when you have cloud-hosting.

3. Keep an Eye on Business Security

Data protection is an ongoing concern for any industry. That’s why it’s important to think about security on multiple levels. Before you jump on the next development with cybersecurity, it might be worth reviewing your other lines of defense. A solid access control system could be a more realistic and economical option for your needs. Limiting where and when people can enter your building or different rooms helps keep everyone’s information protected.

Installing a new surveillance system can be another smart call. Your employees, customers, and other guests can feel better knowing that the parking lot is being monitored, for example, if there’s ever a car break-in or accident. There are a handful of other key areas that can benefit from security cameras too. Your building’s loading docks and emergency exits should also be watched to make sure they’re being used appropriately by authorized individuals.

As you can see, there are plenty of systems that can help keep your company running smoothly. From the receptionist’s desk to your conference room, and security at every access point, your company can trust Enhanced Telecommunications to get your needs met. We’re always happy to consult with new and current clients on how they can improve their process. If we can help you install a new system, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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