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On June 24th, 2019

4 Benefits of Switching to Video Conferencing

Upgrading your company’s telecommunication solutions should make work easier, not harder. That’s why the best technology works like common sense. It easily blends into your current setup and elevates your team’s overall process. Video conferencing has been on rise for exactly those reasons. If your company hasn’t made the switch, it might be time to reevaluate the benefits.

1. You build better relationships

Assuming you have the right business phone systems in place, there’s nothing really wrong with the standard type of conference calls. Calling one person over the phone is a quick way to touch base and get questions answered. But when you need to get a group of people together, a standard conference call isn’t always best. Video conferencing can build better relationships across the board, whether you have remote team members, people traveling, or clients located far from your office.

We simply get more information when we can match someone’s name and voice to a face. Following group dialogue in a regular conference call can be a real challenge because we don’t have the option to pick up on someone’s facial expressions or body language. Sometimes you might not even know who’s speaking. Being able to watch a client smile and nod along can be a lot more encouraging for teams.

2. Your team is more engaged

It’s not uncommon for people to attempt to multitask when they’re on an audioconference. When you turn to video conferencing, though, it can be a lot easier to focus on the meeting itself. Needing to make eye contact can make a big difference for the group synergy, and being able to see one another lets you move past the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality and create stronger bonds. Instead of zoning out, everyone can feel like they’re in the same room and stay more engaged.

3. Your meetings are more efficient

Some people are quick to say that in-person meetings are the ideal. But it might be time to reconsider. Moving conference calls out on the calendar just stalls progress. Even when you have team members traveling for business or working remotely, you can still make plans for a video call.

This option is usually more efficient because you don’t need to block out extra time for a commute. If you’re able to immediately start another assignment or call after your meeting ends, the entire day can become more productive. Your team members or clients can connect to the call from the comfort of their own office space. Scheduling one hour for a meeting is usually feasible—even on busy days—when you can start and end the discussion with a streamlined video conference.

4. You get to boost company morale

Getting your meetings to flow better while keeping everyone focused can be a huge boost for morale. This might be the best benefit of all! When you have closer connections with your clients and the people on your team (and keep your meetings productive), there can be a major shift in your company culture. Video conferencing is often more personal than the typical voice call. Plus, it saves time and money on commuting. These all come together for better business strategies every day.

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