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On August 2nd, 2022

What You Get with Cloud Hosting from the ETD Cloud PBX


The business world relies on quality communications technology to keep their teams in-sync and their clients and customers happy. Sometimes, that requires making a system upgrade. With cloud hosting for your business-grade telephone system, you’ll be able to gain even more flexibility—and hopefully lower your costs along the way!

PBX Solutions for Your Business Phone System

It’s no surprise that companies require different functionalities for their phone services. Depending on your industry, you might be wanting a solution that comes with business-hour settings to route any off-hours calls. Or you may need the ability to have call conferencing, organize customer waiting queues, or share on-hold messages and music.

There are all types of calling and collaboration features available for your business phones, but working with a private branch exchange (PBX) system is one of the best ways to ensure you get what matters most to your company.

Today, the most popular type of PBX systems are cloud-hosted. The fact that this offers nearly unlimited flexibility makes it a great solution for companies of all sizes. The PBX allows you to manage multiple calls throughout a private telephone network, and it all happens online. When you’re already utilizing VoIP technology, adopting a Cloud PBX solution is an easy upgrade to continue streamlining your operations.

Hosted Cloud PBX Systems from Enhanced Telecommunications & Data

To recap: When companies go with a hosted PBX solution, their business phone system will be based in the cloud. This has multiple benefits. For one, it comes with a fast setup process. And you won’t need to invest in new equipment or business phones when you already have SIP-compliant IP devices. Because you’re just signing up for a new online service, you don’t need to look into a complete hardware overhaul.

Cloud PBX systems also allow you to add and remove features quickly. This gives companies great scalability if they’re growing their team or modifying their own business plan or communications process.

At Enhanced Telecommunications and Data, we've developed a comprehensive approach for setting up cloud-hosted PBX systems, and we can handle your project from start to finish—or collaborate with your in-house IT department. Whether you still need to make the move to VoIP, or you’ve been operating with VoIP for years, we can help make your business phones better than ever.

Ready to Learn More? We’ve Got a Great PBX System for Small Business Owners!

The ETD Cloud PBX system is designed to be user-friendly, as well as cost-efficient. We’re proud to offer Unlimited and Metered Plans to help small business owners protect their budget based on their actual usage.

Each one of our clients will come to us with different goals in mind. But across the board, working with a Cloud PBX system has proven to be a valuable upgrade for their needs. A cloud-based solution even gives them the option to keep their company’s current phone number or even add extended area codes to establish a presence in other cities. It's truly a unique feature to grow and expand your reputation, anywhere in the country!

If you’d like to continue the conversation and learn more about what the ETD Cloud PBX setup process entails, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’re always happy to hear from new companies in the area, and our existing clients too! Together, we’ll help ensure your communications technology truly makes sense for your business.

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