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On April 30th, 2019

What Your Company Gets with Cloud PBX


When the phone is ringing, it usually means that business is booming. You’re taking new sales and building stronger relationships with your prospects and partners. But can your business phone system do even more for you? When you want a truly smart setup, it's time to look to Cloud PBX. Then you’ll be able to really make the most of your calls!

The Cloud for Phone Systems

If you aren’t familiar with the term Cloud PBX, you can start with a relatively simple definition. Cloud PBX basically refers to phone service that comes through the internet instead of a designated phone line.

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, and it’s what handles the call routing. Traditionally, PBX utilized specific equipment in your office. But now, with Cloud PBX, you can bypass those equipment purchases and installs. The phone system will work with your internet connection instead. This setup is called VoIP, and it’s a popular solution for all types of businesses.

What You Get with Cloud PBX

One of the biggest reasons to adopt Cloud PBX is for its convenience. By moving away from a premise-based phone system, you’re able to support phone calls for your whole team—no matter where they are. Their desk phones will simply connect with the internet connection in your office, while other mobile devices access the system from their own internet connection.

To make sure everything is secure, you’ll be able to certify these personal or off-site devices with password logins. Then you can take calls whether you’re on the go or at a different location for the day. You’ll access the same phone system just as if you were in the office.

There are a handful of the cost benefits for a Cloud PBX office phone system, too. For starters, there’s no large upfront investment. You don’t have to maintain new equipment because your Cloud PBX provider manages the data storage for you. And with this one-stop setup, you also eliminate the need for a separate phone system vendor. Your provider can easily expand your system as your business grows. Cloud PBX offers a low cost per seat, so there’s little hassle if you need to make changes.

ETD Cloud PBX Options for Your Business

The user-friendly features of Cloud PBX are highly customizable. With our own system, ETD Cloud PBX, you’re able to work with a designer to configure your installation. Your own business needs will inform the setup process. The call routing needs have to make sense for how you work, and that looks different from company to company:

  • Unlimited and Metered Plans
  • Option to Keep Current Numbers
  • Option to Choose Extended Area Codes
  • Record Calls for Training Purposes
  • Manage Conference Calls

Because you’re in control of your business phone number with Cloud PBX, you might decide to choose a new number to establish a presence in a city other than your primary location. These systems also provide you with an easy way to record calls and initiate conference calls with clients or members of your team.

Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is proud to work with experienced field technicians for our ETD Cloud PBX installs. We can also collaborate with your own in-house tech team if you need help with your own devices. If you have questions about making the switch to Cloud PBX, we’re just a phone call away! Call us at (208) 947-3900 to learn more.

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