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On November 28th, 2018

VoIP Phone Benefits You Might Have Missed


With the latest advances in office technology, we don’t need to rely on the old way of making phone calls. The point-to-point connections that were once the only option for phone systems are now becoming outdated. Instead, more companies are choosing to use Voice Over Internet Protocol, otherwise known as VoIP. These systems make it easier than ever to maximize the capabilities of your incoming calls and boost efficiency in the workplace.

What is VoIP?

Put simply, VoIP lets you use phone services over an internet connection. This means you don’t have to work through a local phone company to take calls. One of the most popular examples of VoIP in action is Skype, which allows users to make calls and video chat online, all without a designated phone line.

Assuming you have decent internet service, you should be able to install VoIP solutions for your site. The technology works with the same data network as your other internet-using devices. That way, your calls can happen anywhere internet is hooked up.

The Best VoIP Benefits

If your business only needs a phone system that can ring and take voicemails, opting for VoIP solutions might be a little over the top. Many companies, though, love getting the benefits of switching to a more robust system. VoIP phone systems like Allworx provide teams with unique perks that can really streamline communication both in and out of the office.

1. Expand your system through Ethernet

Digital phone systems need direct cabling to each individual work station. This can sometimes cause issues when companies need to expand. If all of the ports for your digital PBX are already being used, you would have to install new cabling to support your additional phones. Working with a VoIP system, on the other hand, makes it relatively easy to add new users. Since this type of setup runs through your existing Ethernet network, all you need to do is program the new phones to connect with that same system you’re already using for your computers.

2. Create an extension to multiple devices

When your phone system works with a network instead of physical, specified cables, you get the benefit of being able to connect to devices that aren’t even in your office. VoIP solutions allow you to set up extensions pretty much anywhere. For example, you can direct your incoming calls to ring on your cell phone when you’re away from the desk. This also works for other remote locations, such as a home office. That’s why VoIP can be so useful if you have team members that telecommute.

3. Update phone greeting during meetings

One of the smartest features with VoIP phone systems is that you set them up to communicate with some of your day-to-day applications, like Microsoft Outlook. Since these phones run through the same Ethernet network that supports your online calendar, you can then set up your phone to change its status whenever you’re in a scheduled meeting. Then your phone greeting and any call routes can get updated automatically for your convenience.

4. Pair incoming calls with customer profiles

Companies both big and small benefit from applications that help manage customer profiles and data. Salesforce is just one example of these types of tools. With VoIP, you can really make the most of these systems. Whenever you take an incoming call, you can program your phone system to prompt that customer profile to open on your computer. This can save a lot of time and hassle for your agents and sales reps and help your entire office maximize efficiency.

If you’re ready to upgrade to a VoIP phone system for your business, our team at Enhanced Telecommunications is here to help. Just give our office a call at (208) 947-3900 to start discussing your options. We’re always happy to help you create customized solutions for your team!

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  2. Jenna Hunter says:

    I can imagine that getting a paging system could be really helpful for a business. It could be really nice to get a paging system from a professional. It was interesting to see that the phone status can change when you have a scheduled meeting because they run on the same ethernet.

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