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On August 11th, 2020

5 Ways ETD Leads the Way for Cloud Business Phones


Whether your team is on-the-go or working from home, a new Cloud PBX solution can help get everyone set up for success. Moving at the speed of business today means being able to take calls anywhere, at any time. A modern telecommunications system can help your company stay ahead of the curve—and keep your employees happy and productive when working remotely!

What Cloud PBX Means for Teams

Let’s start with a quick recap of how these solutions work. Cloud PBX is different than the traditional business phone systems because it runs through an internet connection, rather than a designated phone line. The “PBX” stands for “private branch exchange.” In layman’s terms, it’s how the Cloud solution routes calls within your company’s VoIP setup.

One of the great things about Cloud PBX is that it doesn’t require additional equipment. It typically works with the existing VoIP system at a company’s corporate office. Your workstations would already be connected to the building’s internet, so your remote phones (whether a cell phone or another business phone system at a home office) would simply tap into the local internet connection that's getting routed over to your on-site system.

5 Benefits of Cloud PBX with Enhanced Telecommunications

Cloud PBX might sound complicated to organize at first, but it’s actually a really user-friendly solution. Our team at Enhanced Telecommunications can help you explore your options. We’ve got a streamlined process for helping companies of all sizes work more effectively.

1. Custom Plans

Every company and team has different dynamics and needs. That’s why we offer both Metered and Unlimited options. We can help you choose the right plan to save the most money.

2. Phone Selection

ETD Cloud PBX solutions aren’t limited to just one business phone system. You can always browse our selection of business phones to pinpoint the right match for the features you want most. But if you’ve already invested in SIP-compliant devices for your team, there’s a good chance we can incorporate those into your solution. Then you’ll get even more savings!

3. Business Number

Some companies want to keep their current phone numbers. Others are hoping to expand their influence and establish a presence out-of-state. Either way, we can help. You can use your existing number with Cloud PBX, or you can add some new business phone numbers that include different area codes.

4. Strategic Design

Once you know whether you want a Metered or Unlimited plan and you have your hardware and phone numbers situated, it’s time to start the actual phone system design process. Our telecommunications professionals will help configure your ETD Cloud PBX solution based on your your team and how you prefer to work. This helps make the transition smooth for everyone.

5. Easy Setup

With those details in order, the rest is up to us! We’ll have a field tech come out to install your phones for those remote home office locations (or back at your corporate office). We can setup your router too, or even work with your own IT team to make sure all of your devices are good to go.

Ready to Get Your Team on the Cloud?

The best telecommunications technology solutions are both practical and easy to use. There’s no point in getting a business phone upgrade if it’s too confusing to manage! At Enhanced Telecommunications, we take the time to make sure your team feels comfortable with your new equipment. And we’re always just a phone call away if you have any questions.

To learn more about utilizing Cloud PBX for your remote team, please send us a message to schedule a call or consultation. We’d love to see how we can help modernize your company’s business phone solution!

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