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On April 5th, 2022

Best Practices for Setting Up Teleconference Rooms


Whether you have daily kick-off meetings with the team, weekly recaps, or just the occasional check-in, it’s often a lot easier to connect over the phone or with a video conference call. That’s why organizations of all sizes are embracing teleconference rooms.

When set up appropriately, these spaces can help facilitate productive and engaging conversations—all without needing to travel away from the office or have people make the commute to you!

Must-Have Features for Modern Teleconference Rooms

There are certainly benefits to meeting in-person, but it’s not always convenient or even feasible. Teleconference rooms deliver a great middle-of-the-road solution. Using both audio and video equipment is the next best thing to talking face-to-face. And bringing a little more personality into the space can make the time you spend in these meetings even better.

For example, there’s usually a lot of potential to brand your teleconference rooms. Most organizations and companies today have been inspired to define their culture and mission on a big-picture level. Be sure to incorporate that into your office environment too. Addressing the color scheme, type of furniture, and even the artwork in your space will make these work zones more inviting.

Are your chairs actually comfortable? Do you have good lighting in place? This doesn’t even mean that your teleconference rooms need to have windows. Simply upgrading your overhead lights and including a little ambient light in the corners of the room can make a huge difference for improving your attendees’ moods and the overall tone of the meeting.

Another quick tip for setting up your teleconference rooms is to confirm that the audio video equipment is actually user-friendly. How many buttons and clicks and "specific steps" do you really want to manage? There's no reason your technology should be complicated or stressful.

If you have the right design elements in place, as well as solid technology, then you’re definitely on the right track. But there are still a couple ways to make your video calls even better.

Improving Communication on Video Calls

Studies have shown that more than 50 percent of communication relies on body language, so obviously video conferencing can offer a great leg-up over phone conferences. That being said, it’s still important to be aware of some of the downsides. Spending too much time throughout the week on video calls can also lead to some fatigue, simply because we're not used to the extended screen-time.

Fortunately, these stressors can be avoided. One easy fix is to allow, and even encourage, the people in your meetings to give themselves an “audio only” break every so often during longer meetings. Turning their camera off for a few minutes can give them some relief from the information-overload that being on camera tends to bring. The same goes for allowing themselves to look away from the computer during this "audio only" time. It can be a little overwhelming to be constantly watching each and every person’s reactions throughout the call.

Teleconference Rooms: Connecting Your Team—and Clients!

The right technology in teleconference rooms can help you save time and even money because there are fewer logistics to hammer out. All you need to do is sign on to a video call instead of making a drive. Teleconference rooms also give more of your team members the flexibility to remotely. The people who are onsite will just meet up around the conference table. Then everyone else can join from their own computer.

Nevertheless, companies need to make sure that the audio video equipment for their teleconference rooms is actually reliable! Meetings can get delayed for all types of reasons, but there’s really nothing worse than having your schedule thrown off because of a tech problem that should have been avoided.

Whether it’s a poor internet connection or issues with the audio video hardware itself, we can help get everything squared away! Let’s get ahead of the problems. Contact Enhanced Telecommunications and Data to help set up your teleconference rooms with high-quality equipment from the start. We’re proudly based in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, and we partner with clients all throughout the local area and beyond!

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