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On October 5th, 2020

6 Tips for Your Video Conference Room Investment


Making strategic business investments with your technology infrastructure will last your team for years and help you stay effective in the changing workplace. This is especially true for the future of video conference rooms. A user-friendly process and the right systems can help you make a great first impression on every call and keep your meetings running smoothly.

Best Investments for Video Conference Rooms

More and more companies are using video calls to connect and get work done. To get a great ROI for your own team’s conference room, you’ll want to make the right choices for your telecommunications upgrade. A quick rundown of the different components for your space can give you a good bird’s eye view of how to invest in equipment to keep your company on track!

1. Video Camera Quality

The type of view your camera needs to capture will vary depending on the size of your space. Smaller video conference rooms can have a more narrow focus, while a room that seats ten or more people will need to have a wider perspective. Ideally, you’ll have a video camera installed in such a way that you never need to change the view for your calls. With the right setup, you’ll just need to press a button to get things started.

2. Echo Elimination

Your space’s layout will also impact the sound quality. A three-person huddle room with carpeting and acoustic wall panels shouldn’t have any problems. But a larger room with concrete walls might need some help with sound absorption products. Before you get your microphones hooked up, you’ll want to work with your telecommunications team to double-check your acoustics.

3. Proper Lighting

Whether you’re using your conference room to meet in-person or you’re only scheduling video calls in your room, lighting will always be key. It’s best to have your windows behind the camera, rather than have the lens face that glare. Additionally, you may need to install extra lighting. A clear image depends on both a quality camera and consistent lighting. A dark room and shadowy faces won’t set the right tone. Relying on natural lighting alone won’t be enough for those early-morning meetings and overcast days outside.

4. On-Brand Furniture

If you’re designing a new video conference room from scratch, you may not think about your company’s office furniture for that space until the very end, as a finishing touch. But for many teams, these details are just as important as the video equipment itself. Comfortable seating and on-brand upholstery can give your room a more cohesive feel. Plus, it shows that your company is pulled-together and deliberate with the story you’re telling as a brand.

5. Fast Internet Connections

High-quality video cameras and microphones won’t matter if your internet quality is lacking. If you’re going to make the investment for a new conference room, you’ll want to be confident that your company’s internet will be able to stream that data in a reliable way. Talking with your IT department or outsourced IT team about possible internet upgrades with new cabling or signal boosters will make an incredible difference and help get rid of that problem of having a video stream that freezes or lags.

6. User-Friendly Systems

No one wants to waste time troubleshooting their video calls. You want a room that’s completely streamlined with efficient solutions. The right audio video equipment will help eliminate those frustrations and actually enjoy the process of meeting remotely. After all, you’re looking to have ease-of-use. If your video conference room is just a source of stress, then you’ll lose that convenience factor.

Ready for a video conference room done right? Then let’s schedule a time to talk! At Enhanced Telecommunications, we can partner with you every step of the way—from your internet setup to reviewing your equipment options and installation. A turnkey process will get you up and running. And as a one-stop resource, we can help your save money by working with a single team for both the design and execution of your project. Send us a message to learn more!

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