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Wired for Success? Assess Your Business Cabling Solutions


Communications technology can be a critical part of any team’s success. And no matter your industry or the size of your organization, being able to keep up with the ever-evolving demands of modern technology isn’t always easy or straightforward. Fortunately, there are different types of cabling solutions that can help you maximize your efficiency. It doesn’t always require an entire cabling infrastructure overhaul to update your system. Then again, if you’re ready to make the leap, a new business cabling investment can be a great way to future-proof your company’s network—and revitalize how you work!

Assessing the Status of Your Cabling Infrastructure

Updating cabling infrastructure can enhance network performance, boost productivity, and ensure the company is prepared for future technological advancements. Yet this will vary depending on a company’s specific requirements. Small businesses with minimal network demands may be just fine working with an older system, while larger enterprises with heavy data traffic may require more frequent attention. It just depends on your current setup.

For example, if employees are constantly dealing with sluggish internet connectivity or data transfer rates, it may indicate that the current cabling cannot handle the company's data demands, necessitating an upgrade to faster cabling solutions. Even if most applications are cloud-based, local devices often need to communicate with each other, access shared resources, or interact with local servers.

In the most general sense, upgrading a site’s cabling infrastructure can lead to improved network performance and reduced latency. This is crucial for businesses relying on real-time communication, video conferencing, and other bandwidth-intensive applications. You don’t want outdated cabling to cause ongoing bottlenecks with your bandwidth requirements. As your company's operations grow, upgrading to higher-capacity cabling can help you avoid compatibility issues too. If you’re looking into getting IP cameras for security, or adding some new wireless access points to help extend users’ connectivity, you’ll need a modern network that can support those types of advanced technologies. Being proactive can really pay off.

The Debate Between Ethernet and Fiber Cabling

Whether to choose fiber cabling or Ethernet/Cat solutions depends on specific use cases and requirements. Both options have their strengths and weaknesses, and the choice should be made based on factors like data transfer needs, distance, budget, and environmental considerations. Cat6 and Cat6a cabling technologies, while still newer, offer faster data transfer speeds compared to older standards like Cat5e. But there’s no doubt that fiber optic cables can handle much higher bandwidths.

If you need to connect remote locations or spanning large areas, then fiber can also be the clear winner. Fiber cabling works to transmit data over much longer distances without compromising signal quality. That being said, fiber optic cables and the associated networking equipment tend to be more expensive than Ethernet/Cat solutions, especially for shorter distances.

In many cases, a hybrid approach can prove to be the best solution. Fiber can be used for the long-distance connections, with Ethernet/Cat cables reserved for the local connections within buildings or data centers. Ultimately, it's all about analyzing your current and future networking requirements. Then you can consider budget constraints and options for customization with your local network cabling professionals!

Partner with Enhanced Telecommunications

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the necessity of cabling upgrades, it's best to consult with IT professionals or network specialists who can assess your company's unique requirements and recommend appropriate solutions.

At Enhanced Telecommunications and Data, we’re here to walk clients through every step of the process, from the cabling design phase, all the way through installation.

Upgrading your business cabling now can save costs and hassle down the line when further upgrades become necessary. Let’s connect and talk through your system’s potential. Just send us a message to get started!

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