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On July 26th, 2022

Boise Fiber Cabling—Where Are Things Heading?


Only a couple of decades ago, any type of internet access was basically “good enough.” The technology was just starting to develop, and any form of connecting with the “world wide web” was exciting. But times have changed. Individuals and families want residential access to fiber optic cabling. Eastern Idaho has been addressing this in unique ways. More recently, the city of Nampa is increasing the availability of fiber cabling for more residents too.

The fact that the speed of fiber internet networks can be 10 times that of a standard cable connection makes it particularly appealing. It’s a win for residential areas, as well as commercial sites. Businesses that make the switch to fiber will also have stronger access to VoIP solutions. The future of fiber optic cabling is looking bright for Boise!

The New Wave of Boise Fiber Cabling

We’re definitely seeing a rising demand for fiber internet outside of commercial spaces. Homeowners and renters want fast and reliable video streaming services. And beyond that, businesses in all industries require fast internet access and cabling for both their communications and data storage.

Fiber cabling in Boise and Idaho Falls is both affordable and fast. It’s also becoming more readily available. Idaho Falls Fiber has been providing residential access since 2019, and other cities across the country are taking note. Building the fiber cabling infrastructure gives internet providers a more competitive market. Since this model is already being explored, it’s only natural that other areas will consider adopting a similar process to expand their fiber networks.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Fiber

Companies and public organizations are in a unique position to benefit from these new fiber networks throughout Idaho. It’s a key component to keep up with the times. But more than that, it’s better for efficiency across the board.

Faster internet speeds, more reliable connections, better scalability and security are just some of the key benefits that come with fiber optic cabling installation. There are fewer delays with cloud access for companies that require significant digital data storage. It’s also a better setup for businesses that use VoIP solutions. Less latency delivers better voice quality.

With the rise of video conferencing, fiber cabling provides another huge advantage. There’s a stronger signal strength across longer distances, so you can essentially eliminate the frustration of a lagging video signal and frozen images.

Get a Quote for Your Fiber Optic Cable Installation Cost

Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is proud to provide fiber optic cable installation for commercial sites in Idaho and into Eastern Oregon. What’s more, there are multiple options available. Scheduling a consultation can help us identify the solution that makes the most sense for your team and operation.

Whether it’s a dedicated fiber internet connection for your company, or a shared fiber internet solution spread across multiple business sites, we can walk you through all of the possibilities. Feel free to send us a message to schedule a time for us to talk. We’d love to help your team maximize the power of fiber!

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