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On June 8th, 2023

Advantages of Using Virtual PBX Systems Over Traditional PBX


The early 2000s introduced some incredible new technology for companies to improve their efficiency and enhance their communications. As the power of internet connectivity improved, people were able to explore some interesting alternatives to traditional PBX systems. Instead of keeping up with the investment for expensive hardware, installations, and maintenance for telecommunications equipment on their site, they could look into new options with virtual PBX.

Over the years, virtual PBX has grown in leaps and bounds. Yet some companies have still remained loyal to their traditional system. Understanding the benefits of virtual PBX can help you make sure you have the right setup for how you work.

What Makes Virtual PBX Unique?

Also known as a hosted PBX system, or Cloud PBX, a virtual PBX solution is managed by a service provider in the cloud. This means that businesses can access and manage their phone system through a web-based interface. All you need is an internet connection. Then your employees can make and receive calls from anywhere.

Virtual PBX is great for teams who want customization and scalability because you can easily add or remove extensions and phone lines. It also tends to be way most cost-effective. There’s no need to go through a big infrastructure upgrade. Since most businesses typically pay a monthly subscription fee for Cloud PBX, all they have to do is adjust their plan based on the number of users and features they need.

Going with a cloud-based solution allows organizations to significantly boost their productivity and customer service capabilities too. There are plenty of add-on features available that let you get a completely custom setup. Whether you want a solution that integrates with your video conferencing equipment, or you’re ready to try out automatic call distribution, virtual PBX systems are highly flexible and can help support companies of all sizes.

Reasons for Using Traditional PBX Systems

While virtual PBX and cloud-based solutions have become increasingly popular, it’s important to note that there are some industries and specific situations where traditional PBX systems may still end up being the preferred choice. In remote areas with limited or unreliable internet connectivity, for example, sticking with a traditional PBX system might make more sense than switching to a cloud-based alternative.

There’s also the question of how much money an organization has already invested in their current setup. Some large organizations with extensive infrastructure and established telecommunications systems may continue to rely on traditional PBX systems if their on-site equipment is still proving to be reliable.

Options for Hybrid PBX Solutions

All things considered, virtual PBX systems can offer significant advantages over traditional PBX systems in terms of cost, features, flexibility, and reliability. But in other scenarios, traditional PBX may provide better value. Fortunately, you can meet in the middle with a hybrid setup!

There’s been a growing trend of adopting solutions that combine elements of traditional PBX and virtual PBX to help organizations get exactly what they need. You can leverage the benefits of both approaches, all while gradually transitioning to more modern technologies.

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