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On April 27th, 2023

New Ideas for Surveillance Camera Solutions—According to Your Industry


Every successful company has specific interests and assets that it needs to protect, and security problems can pop up at any time. The right surveillance camera setup works to mitigate those risks. By keeping the most vulnerable areas on your site covered, you can improve safety and help ensure you have reliable video evidence if you’re ever faced with a security incident.

Which Industries Need Surveillance Cameras the Most?

Any organization can benefit from having a reliable commercial surveillance camera system in place. But there are a few industries in particular that often require even higher security standards. Retail stores, for example, are often targeted by thieves and shoplifters, and having surveillance cameras can deter such criminal activities. It also helps store owners monitor employee behavior and ensure that their customers have a safe shopping experience.

Installing surveillance cameras at healthcare facilities can help improve safety too. Whether it’s a large health system or a small private practice, these organizations are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of every patient and employees. What’s more, they also have expensive equipment and confidential patient information that they need to protect. Surveillance cameras can serve as another great line of defense.

Highly-populated public spaces also have to deal with heightened security risks. Airports, train stations, bus stations, and other transportation hotspots, like highway rest stops or even gas stations, are particularly vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

Installing surveillance cameras can help both prevent criminal activity and serve as a tool for prosecuting criminal suspects. And when you consider the other opportunities for using commercial surveillance, the benefits get even better!

4 Innovative Ways to Use Commercial Surveillance Camera Technology

There may not be a clear-cut solution to eliminate crime altogether, but 24/7 recording can certainly reduce the odds of it on your property. Plus, you can use that same equipment to support a number of other initiatives for your organization too. New surveillance camera technologies have opened up unique and innovative ways to use surveillance cameras beyond traditional security purposes.

1. Quality Control

Surveillance cameras can be used in manufacturing and production facilities to monitor the production process, inspect product quality, and identify defects. This can help companies ensure quality control and prevent defective products from reaching the market.

2. Employee Training

Surveillance cameras can also be used for employee training purposes. By recording employee interactions with customers, managers can use these recordings to provide feedback to employees and improve customer service.

3. Marketing

Surveillance cameras can be used for marketing purposes by capturing customer behavior and interactions with products. Companies can use this information to better understand customer behavior, preferences, and purchase patterns, and use it to inform their marketing strategies.

4. Remote Monitoring

Today’s wireless and cloud-based systems allow organizations to remotely monitor their premises from anywhere at any time. This can be particularly useful for companies with multiple locations or for organizations with remote or mobile workers.

All this being said, it’s important to note that organizations using surveillance cameras should always remain in compliance with the laws and applicable regulations, as well as individual privacy rights. Working with a n experienced surveillance camera system provider can help make sure you’re doing everything by the book!

Partner Up with the Right Team

Companies looking to upgrade their surveillance camera structure will quickly find that there are a lot of moving parts. Your network infrastructure, data transmission, and cloud-based solutions all need to be working in sync, and each new camera needs to be installed in just the right spot. Working with a telecommunications company can provide you with all of the expertise, equipment and installation services you need, including any necessary upgrades to your network connectivity, data storage and management, or compliance guidance.

Even when you have an internal IT department, it never hurts to collaborate with a third-party team! If you’re located in Southwestern Idaho, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Enhanced Telecommunications and Data. We’d be more than happy to schedule a consultation.

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