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On January 12th, 2024

ETD Suite of Services—Leading the Way for Boise Telecommunications


Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is your one-stop shop when it comes to innovating your company’s technology. We don’t just handle one service. We have an array of solutions that can help keep you and your team members connected. That’s why organizations throughout Boise and the Treasure Valley, Eastern Oregon, and elsewhere in Idaho call on our team to improve their systems. We go beyond the conventional and offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet the unique needs of companies today.

Powerful Solutions from Enhanced Telecommunications

Whether you're in the early stages of growth or navigating the complexities of an established and expanding business, we’re here to craft solutions that help you reach your goals today and down the road with seamless connectivity.

1. Business Telephones and Call Center Applications

Even with the value of the internet, there’s no replacing the phone. But today, your business phones can do so much more than just placing and receiving calls. We’re able to integrate your phones with helpful CRM tools to totally transform the way your team works. We also have a strong background helping call centers with efficient call management features to distribute calls and even track employee performance.

2. Data Cabling and Wireless Connections

Moving to a new location and need business cabling? Or ready to get faster speeds from a new setup? We can design and install cabling systems for all types of applications to meet your data needs. We also have wireless solutions. For example, on larger sites, the incorporation of cell signal boosters and range extenders can prove highly beneficial. Having these robust systems in place can help guarantee solid cell signals for employees and visitors all throughout your site, both inside the building and outside.

3. Company Softphones and Texting Solutions

With the popularity of hybrid work models, many companies need their telecommunications solutions to serve both onsite and remote employees. Business softphones can help give you that flexibility, and more. You might be managing a distributed workforce and operating with a centralized hub or just want to “detach” from a desktop phone on your regular site. Either way, we can help assess your existing setup and come up with new ways to talk or even text with your team members and customers.

4. Server Room Designs and Cloud Hosting

Having a cloud-based system managed by another party can provide easy scalability and free up physical on-site space. But there’s also the option to reconfigure your existing server room design with more energy-efficient and secure hardware. We handle both.

5. Access Control and Video Surveillance

Your property might have concerns that go beyond cybersecurity. We can help with those too. Our solutions for building access control allow you to restrict entrance to pre-approved parties. And our systems for video surveillance can help you keep an eye on your property around the clock.

Ready to Improve Your Systems?

With our wide array of solution options, we’re able to streamline how you use technology for telecommunications and security in just about any industry. Reach out to us at (208) 947-3900 or send us a message to let us know what’s on your mind. We love coming up with integrated, long-term solutions for your connectivity challenges. Let our team elevate your telecomm experience—we’re ready to get started whenever you are!

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