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On June 14th, 2019

Should I Outsource My IT Department?

Keeping up with the latest technology isn’t just about staying ahead of the curve for your industry. It matters in the general sense, too. We’re all looking for ways to streamline costs and grow our business. As we look at today’s world, a lot of those tools and resources come directly from tech.

Your IT infrastructure dictates how fast, secure, and user-friendly your computers and software can be. But deciding who will help you maintain these systems doesn’t always come with an easy answer. Do you keep everything in-house? Or do you start looking at IT outsourcing? There are a few key considerations that can help you weigh your options.

1. Costs for IT Staff

Filling vital roles on your team comes with some necessary investments—even before day one on the job. You might have budget for recruiting costs, specific recruitment benefits, and sign-on company benefits just to get the right candidate. Then there's the company training. When it comes to IT positions, though, you don’t always have to stick with the traditional hiring process.

A lot of companies are motivated to work with outsourced IT partners because it significantly cuts their costs. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to gut your existing IT department. It always helps to have team members on site for general support. But if you just need to start tackling bigger projects or infrastructure upgrades, you may not need to hire right away. Instead of building an internal team, you might be better off outsourcing to local subject matter experts.

2. Other IT Investments

You can also protect your bottom line by avoiding unnecessary costs for your IT equipment. When you get down to it, investing in your own company servers might not be worth the upfront costs. If your company don’t already own this hardware, you’ll want to run the numbers.

Having a plan to outsource IT functions can also end up saving your company a lot of headache in the long run. Instead of managing entirely new equipment every few years, why not leave it to another group of professionals? With outsourced server management, your team won’t be on the hook for any updates.

3. Moving to the Cloud

More and more businesses are operating with the cloud, and that means cloud outsourcing is in high demand. Working with the expertise of a third-party vendor can help the transition go smoothly. They’ll already be working with the cloud platforms you’ll be interested in adopting, and you won’t have to struggle with the high costs of going at it alone. Plus, the right company will be able to keep an eye on all of your security concerns, which frees up time for any other IT employees you need on a regular basis.

4. Scaling with IT Outsourcing

The other great thing about outsourcing your IT is that it can happen at any stage of your company’s growth. Some business owners have always relied on an outside party for their IT needs, so they’ve never needed to hire permanent staff. Others choose to use IT vendors on a project basis to support their internal department. Just as your IT needs ebb and flow, so can your relationship with IT companies.

If you’re currently in the process of expanding, outsourcing can help you keep up with the changes without burdening your current team. Whether it’s adding new cabling or just setting up new workspaces, sometimes you just need more hands to get the job done. You don’t always have to make a long-term decision. Just know that outsourced IT options are available when you need them. Your company doesn’t have to solve every IT problem on its own!

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    Thanks for sharing your experience! Great information.

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