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On August 6th, 2020

The Missing Piece to Your Security System: Video Verification


The benefits of having a security system are widely known, and many properties already have some type of solution in place for restricting who can have access to their building. The same goes for home security systems. It feels good knowing that your property has an alarm system in case someone shows up uninvited.

What many people don’t consider, though, are the benefits of using video verification in conjunction with their regular home security system or office access control and alarm systems. Being able to have “eyes” on your building adds another smart layer of security. It’s also a valuable tool if you ever need to present evidence to law enforcement after an incident.

The Benefits of Surveillance Video Verification

Enhancing your security system with video verification means that your site will have visual evidence for whenever an alarm goes off. This can be documented as either still images or full video, which can then be reviewed by various parties.

Of course, it’s important to understand the differences that this review process can entail. Video verification isn’t the same as live security monitoring, which some sites as another step in their access control procedures. With live monitoring, another individual can reference camera footage as it happens in real time. This is especially useful for sites that want to visually confirm the identification of the person outside the door before they enter the building.

Video verification, on the other hand, isn’t necessarily monitored around the clock. Instead, it makes a recording after and during unique events with your security system. This evidence is then sent to the security company to review. Once they confirm that there’s a problem at your site, they’ll alert the police to check out the scene. The benefit here is that you can have concrete visual evidence for any issues on your site. Plus, it helps ensure that the public safety professionals aren’t called for more minor issues, or even false alarms.

Commercial and Residential Security Cameras

Incorporating security cameras and the formal review of video verification can help cover all of your bases for a truly modern surveillance solution. These pieces are just as beneficial for private property as they are for commercial locations. If you have the right video verification partner, then it’s just a matter of placing the cameras in the right areas to watch all sides of your building and property.

We specifically work with Galaxy Control Systems equipment for our commercial clients because their security solutions easily integrate with most existing building management functions. They have all types of offerings to help round out the security for your site. Having that type of comprehensive setup can really simplify the process of keeping your location safe.

Ready for a New Surveillance System?

Making sure your property has the proper security in place is extremely helpful when the worst should happen. Whether you need an alarm system or streamlined access control for your commercial site, or a few surveillance cameras to track any activity around your private residence, our team at Enhanced Telecommunications is here for you! Let’s discuss the right software and camera options for your surveillance needs. Our team even manages the installation process, so you can reduce the wait time of getting your new security solution up and running.

Just visit our contact page to reach out, and we’ll find a time to schedule your initial consultation. While we predominantly work with business telecommunications services, our solutions for surveillance cameras are scalable for both commercial and residential projects. And we’re proud to serve the entire state of Idaho and Eastern Oregon!

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