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On November 13th, 2019

Liven Up Your Office Holiday Party with a New Twist!


Planning your company’s holiday party shouldn’t be a source of stress. You just need a little inspiration to start thinking outside of the box. Whether you want a change of pace or need an entire change of scenery, these office party ideas are sure to help.

Twists on the Traditional Holiday Party

There’s nothing wrong with tried-and-true office traditions, but a few changes can go a long way to keep the energy up. These ideas don’t require a big investment, so they’re great for just about any size team—especially if you want to host your holiday party on company turf.

New Themes – Sure, your office party might be happening at the end of the year, but you don’t have to narrow your focus to the holiday season. A non-traditional theme would give everyone a little break from a long two months of winter festivities. Maybe your office can vote on a decade to represent in the office with disco balls or bright neon decorations. Embracing an outer space or beach theme would definitely be a update from the “Ugly Sweater” contest.

Rethink Potluck – It’s easier to plan parties when everyone pitches in. But maybe it’s time to try something different. Again, you might decide to follow a theme. What about a multi-cultural potluck? Featuring global cuisine can be a refreshing take on the season. Encourage your team to bake Swedish saffron buns or English mince pies. Then you can dish out Peruvian spiced hot chocolate in the breakroom.

Gift Exchange – Thinking of doing another year with “Secret Santas” or a “White Elephant” gift exchange? You can make the experience more worthwhile by collecting a few notes first. If people have the chance to list off two or three interests or a couple items they might want to receive, then everyone has a better chance of going home with a gift they actually appreciate.

You can also suggest that everyone bring a book or a favorite, lesser-known movie as their giveaway item. That’s one way to break out of the gift-giving rut. Or, add a little spin by getting everyone to unwrap their presents while wearing oven mitts!

Go Off-Site for Your Corporate Event

Sometimes your holiday party might be more exciting outside of the office. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay loyal to the happy hour drinks and standard hors-devours. These off-site holiday event ideas can give everyone a breath of fresh air and can help you create some fun, new memories together.

Holiday Shows – When you have some funds to spare on a group outing, grabbing tickets to a fun holiday show in town can give everyone a well-earned break from work. Checking for local theatre companies, live music, or a comedy or improve show can be a relaxing way for team members to get to know each other better. Giving everyone the option for a plus-one is thoughtful too.

Volunteer Work – If the company budget is a little tight this year (or if those holiday bonuses don’t leave much left over), then it might be nice to devote your “holiday party” time to some acts of service. Instead of spending money on an assortment of small gifts and snacks, maybe your team would rather volunteer for a cause they truly care about. One group may decide to go caroling at the assisted living center, a few people could volunteer at the soup kitchen, and another group might go clean kennels at the animal shelter.

Group Activities – Instead of buying tickets to a show, your company might decide to cover the admission to some other activities. Your team would probably have a good time bringing their family to a night at the ice skating rink. You could even have everyone join in on a holiday cooking class, or you could gather a squad together to celebrate the season by working through an escape room. Anything related to team building is a win-win.

From our team to yours, we hope you have a wonderful time together this holiday season! If we can help you kick back and relax after a busy year, you know how to reach us. You shouldn’t have to worry about your telecom systems when it’s time to enjoy the party!

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