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On October 10th, 2023

Idaho Cloud Phone Solutions for Business


Companies have plenty of options when it comes to their business phone solutions. And with the power of Cloud PBX, you can have a streamlined telecommunications system that doesn’t require you to invest in on-site hardware. You’re able to stop the hassle of having to maintain a premise-based phone system, all while banking some new savings for your business. It’s a scalable solution that works for all types of organizations. Let our team at Enhanced Telecommunications show you the way!

How Does Business Cloud PBX Work?

Today’s cloud-hosting solutions for business phones allow you to utilize your internet connection to make and receive calls. This eliminates the need for a separate phone service provider. Your devices connect to the PBX system all on their own—whether that’s a smart desk phone, your personal mobile phone, company softphones, or even a traditional analog phone with a specialized adapter.

With cloud hosting, you can enhance and expand your phone system to best fit the demands of your company’s workforce. You can avoid the large investment upfront, and still have the ability to add new seats on an as-needed basis as the organization grows. Even better, the savings continue because you don’t need to budget for expensive maintenance on your phone system equipment.

As an added bonus, upgrading to cloud-hosting gives you the option to either transfer your existing phone numbers or get a new phone number assigned. This alone can be a great incentive for companies looking to “expand” their service area. You can pick up a new phone number with an area code that belongs to a region where you’d like to have a more of a presence, even without being physically located there. Then the calls can get routed according to your own preferences and how you do business.

You don’t have to be limited to where your workforce is based. Working with the cloud gives everyone better flexibility. Team members can access the phone system from their internet connection from anywhere, at any time.

Cloud Hosting from Enhanced Telecommunications

If you’re ready to make the switch to a more affordable and user-friendly phone system, we can help! Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is proud to offer a comprehensive business Cloud PBX phone solution for companies of all sizes. It’s easy to get started.

Step 1: Choose Your Plan

Talk with us about your phone usage and call history, and we’ll help you decide between an Unlimited or Metered plan for your business. Only pay for what you need.

Step 2: Choose Your Phones

We partner with Allworx business phones to help you get all of the best call features for your team. You can also elect to bring your own phones to your cloud service. We’ll help you confirm that they’ll be compliant with your new setup!

Step 3: Choose Your Number

Are you keeping your current phone numbers? Or looking to add an extended area phone number? We have options for every type of customer.

With all of the basics sorted out, you can sit back and let us take care of the rest. We work with businesses across all backgrounds and industries. Once we know the type of plan, devices, and phone numbers you need, we’ll be able to design and set up the perfect cloud hosting solution for your day-to-day operations.

Ready to Get Your Custom Solution?

We’re here to answer your questions. Just send us a message to let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll schedule a time to talk! Our technicians can walk you through every step.

Whether you’re looking to keep using your existing phones or you’d like to shop for new hardware, we can handle all of the details. We’re also happy to collaborate with your internal tech team for new installations. At Enhanced Telecommunications, we’re all about giving you a custom solution from start to finish!

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