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On May 29th, 2019

Deciding Between DVR and NVR for Your Security Cameras

Your company’s security system helps protect your site day and night. The cameras alone work to discourage trespassers, and if should the worst happen, they'll provide you with accurate video recordings. That surveillance data is valuable evidence for your case. You'll need the right gear for your cameras to make sure you have it.

About DVR and NVR Security Systems

Being able to save recorded files is an important part of managing your location's security needs. A camera feed can help you spot suspicious activity, but you need a way to store and view surveillance videos to really keep everything secure. That's where video records help out.

There are two types of units that help you manage your surveillance videos: DVRs (digital video recorders) and NVRs (network video recorders). Both work for video recording, but they differ in how they process your data. Put another way, choosing the option that’s right for you will boil down to the type of cameras you’re using. Your company’s system will either work with analog security cameras (also known as CCTV cameras) or IP cameras.

DVR systems only work with analog cameras. These are wired setups. The camera’s video feed connects to the DVR, where it gets compressed and stored. An NVR system, on the other hand, will process the video data at the camera itself, so you might say it gets a “pure” feed. Typically, the IP cameras that work with surveillance NVR equipment can also record and send audio with the video.

What really makes NVR systems unique is that they don’t have to be physically wired to the camera. They just have to share the same network. This means you can have cameras at one location, or even multiple locations, and be able to review the video anywhere in the world. DVR systems don’t have that flexibility. They have to be at a fixed location that’s close to wherever you’ve positioned your security cameras.

Other Features with DVR and NVR Surveillance

When you’re thinking about investing in a new security system, one of the primary concerns is cost. As with most equipment, it’s good to remember that you pay for what you get. Fortunately, surveillance system technology has made some big strides in recent years, so you can have good options even on a limited budget.

Since NVR systems are inherently more versatile than a DVR setup, they tend to come with a higher price tag. But along with that, they can also deliver higher-quality video. Working with IP cameras gives these systems the options to have different smart functions, too. If you want heat mapping, trip wires, or face detection, you’ll need to go with this option.

This isn’t to say that DVR equipment is a bad choice. It just has different functions. If you’re watching your security costs, this could be the obvious choice for your business. You might also appreciate that DVR systems aren’t affected by network outages. Because DVR systems are hard-wired, they’ll function independently from your other wireless equipment. The recorder receives video via cables that feed directly from the camera. That way, you shouldn’t miss any coverage for your property.

Weigh Your Options with Enhanced Telecommunications

If you’re still not sure how to move forward with your commercial surveillance options, your local telecommunications company can help. Understanding the pros and cons of NVR and DVR systems can get complicated if you’re new to security systems or access control for your site. Scheduling a consultation with a trusted provider can be a great next step.

At Enhanced Telecommunications & Data, our team has experience with both analog and IP camera solutions. We're also adding residential offerings for clients, starting summer 2019. Whether you need a cabling project for DVR equipment, or you want to move forward with a wireless NVR setup, we can help! We understand that security is a big concern for your home and business, and we’ll help make sure all of your bases are covered. Making sure your system is set up appropriately can give you the peace of mind you need. If you want to continue the conversation, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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