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On October 29th, 2019

6 Strategies for Boosting Your Small Business Holiday Sales


During the holiday shopping season, figuring out how to get in touch with new customers is more important than ever. That’s because about 20 percent of annual retail sales happen in just a few weeks. Paying attention to some of these tactics can help small business retailers end the year strong.

1. Create relevant specials for the season

It’s easier for your customers to take action when they feel a sense of urgency. How can you make these coming weeks a little more special for your store? Do you have a limited supply of some popular handmade mugs? Maybe you’re expecting a new shipment next week. Could you offer a discount to the first 25 customers who buy a new pair of boots, the latest board game, or this week’s bestselling book? Putting a deadline on certain purchases (and maybe offering a little incentive) can help get more people in the door.

2. Encourage shoppers with email newsletters

Once you have a few ideas for what type of holiday specials to run, you’ll need to communicate those sales and deals with your customers. If you haven’t utilized your shoppers’ email list for a while, this is the perfect time to break it out. Sending a friendly message to let your audience know what you have going on for the end of the year works as a simple, gentle reminder to have them visit your location and see what’s new.

3. Research your gift card options

Being able to offer gift cards to your customers can be a great solution for everyone on their shopping list. Make sure you have a good system in place to process gift card sales, and you’re sure to see a payoff. And because most shoppers spend more than the gift card amount itself, you might be able to afford another type of promo for some of your big spenders. Offering a $10 gift card for any $100 gift card purchase could be an easy way to secure more sales and repeat business.

4. Share festive updates on social media

Even though the holidays are sure to keep your store busy, you don’t want to neglect your online marketing efforts. Taking the time to share updates on social media will help update shoppers and make it easier to reach new contacts. Use these channels to announce any specials, and then give your followers a sneak-peak of what interesting items you have in store. Posting specific gift ideas for parents or teenagers, neighbors and teachers, and everyone else on your shopping list will be a great way to inspire new sales.

5. Prepare your employees with quality training

The in-person shopping experience is dramatically different than placing an order online. You can make sure your customers get the support they need by reviewing key details with your associates. Does everyone know how to talk about the latest merchandise? Moreover, do you even have enough help for the longer shopping days? Adding a couple seasonal workers might give your team the support they need to provide the high level of customer care you want.

6. Limit holiday shrinkage and stay secure

Another thing to think about is how you can better protect your inventory. It’s only natural for shoplifting to pick up during the holiday months. Without the right security systems in place, retail shrinkage could really drain your annual profits. Are your high-ticket items set up correctly in your store? Working with EAS tagging systems can be a big asset all throughout the year, but especially now. Don’t let the bustle of the season distract you from the other priorities in your business.

If you need help reviewing your options with anti-theft devices, our team at Enhanced Telecommunications and Data can help. Just send us a message to learn more or schedule a consultation. Then you can get back to work on implementing these other holiday retail shopping tips. We’re wishing you all the best for your end-of-year sales!

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