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On December 21st, 2023

5 Allworx Business Communications Compared

No matter your industry, your business phones and communication setup need to complement the way you and your team work. Unfortunately, without an experienced telecommunications provider, finding the right system isn’t always easy. You might know what’s holding your back, but what’s the best fix? With our team and the Allworx suite of solutions, you can get the business phone setup you need to solve all of the common challenges—and more.

Find Your Best Allworx Business Phone Solution

At Enhanced Telecommunications, we’re dedicated to helping our clients address various telecommunications challenges. That’s also why we trust products from Allworx. Their unique systems fit companies of all sizes, and you can customize the solutions to work for just about any type of organization. This list reviews some of the most obvious setbacks companies face today, along with the Allworx business solutions to make those problems a thing of the past!

1. On-the-Go Accessibility Challenges

Don't limit yourself to the office when it comes to taking calls. Allworx Reach empowers you to use your smartphone instead of being tied to your desk phone. This flexibility is a game-changer for sales professionals or those always on the move. Even better, it safeguards your personal cell number, making it an invaluable tool for legal professionals, healthcare workers, and others working in fields that require discretion.

2. Problems with Desktop-Phone Integration

If your business relies on CRM tools to stay organized, Allworx Interact Professional is an ideal match. It effortlessly integrates with various third-party apps you might already be using. This can then provide your customer service teams and receptionists with instant access to relevant information with every call. It’s a must for streamlining your process.

3. Difficult Call Center Queue Management

The Allworx Automatic Call Distribution makes it easy to tackle call center queues. This solution offers four distinct options for call distribution, including linear priority, round-robin, longest idle, and ring all. Supervisors have added functionalities too. You can use the "whisper" mode or "barge in" for redirecting conversations, and "silent monitor" for performance reviews.

4. High Telecommunication Costs

For companies operating across multiple locations, the Allworx Advanced Multi-Site system is a cost-saving champion. With it, you’re able to connect up to 100 locations and 2,000 extensions with one VoIP solution. You get scalability and easy resource sharing across all locations to make your telecommunication efforts more affordable.

5. Data Deficiency for Process Improvement

Allworx View is another valuable asset for call centers looking to enhance their operations. This solution provides detailed metrics for every queue and agent. From there, it can offer insights into staffing needs. Data can even be filtered by geographical regions or time periods, making it a powerful tool for organizations running ad campaigns. You’ll gain actionable insights into inbound call volume, and also identify trends to inform future company decisions.

Let’s Start Your Custom Phone Setup

Simplify your company’s telecommunication systems with our tailor-made phone solutions using Allworx products! We’re here to help you secure significant cost savings while making your process even more intuitive and effective. The result? A smoother workflow and the ability to reduce stress for everyone on your team.

Technology should make life easier, not complicate things. Our partnership with Allworx stems from their ability to address the crucial needs of today’s organizations. But what really sets us apart is our commitment to customization. Your solution should enhance your work dynamics. We can help!

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