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On July 28th, 2021

3 Voice Packages That Work Great with SIP Trunking


Upgrading your business phones is often one of the fastest and easiest ways to push your company’s technology forward. Of course, you don’t just want to invest in any system. It needs to make sense for the long-term.

Your telecommunication solution needs to serve multiple functions. It should enhance the way your team works. Ideally, the systems will have a direct impact on the quality of your customer service too. Reliable and intuitive communications technology is the key. When you have the right tools to build these solutions, your organization is sure to have success.

Step One: SIP Trunking Savings

These days, needing to use a telephone jack to communicate isn’t the norm. We have smartphones, fast email, and even wireless connections for video calls. More importantly, companies also have the option to switch to VoIP systems and SIP Trunking. When put together, these solutions allow team members to utilize desktops or laptops as their business desk phones. Even better—this technology can give you some significant savings!

A lot of organizations decide to go with SIP Trunking because the setup is more cost-effective for local and long-distance calls. Sometimes you’ll even be able to make phone calls for free with SIP Trunking. The rates tend to be much better, and the packages come with all of the standard business phone functions that you rely on every day.

3 Basic Voice Packages for Business Phones

When used correctly, your business phones aren’t simply for having live conversations. They also help your team members with task management. A telecommunications solution that actually complements your workday should include all of the following features:

1. Call Waiting

You won’t be available to start a new conversation every time the phone rings. On busy workdays, it’s crucial to utilize your call waiting function. Putting a caller on hold can give you that extra minute or two you need to finish up another call. Knowing how to use this feature on your phone is a cornerstone of good phone etiquette and customer service.

2. Three-Way Calling

Another valuable feature for your business phones is three-way calling. Sometimes it’s easier to loop another person into your conversation than to make a call transfer and have another conversation start from scratch. With three-way calling, you don’t have to relay information during a separate call. Everyone will be able to collaborate in real time. Plus, three-way calling can be a nice alternative to a video call. Not everyone will want to log in to a virtual meeting when all you really need is a quick chat.

3. Caller ID

It’s always a good idea to have a business phone solution that can integrated with your CRM tool. Working with caller ID functions can help you anticipate the needs of your customers and clients even before you answer the phone, all because you can see their name and account details. This feature makes it easier to keep all of your records in order. It will also streamline the process of updating different files in your company database, and more.

Hopefully this short overview has helped to remind you of the must-have features for your business phones. But there are plenty of other ways to upgrade your solution to benefit your workflow even more. A complimentary consultation can help you learn more about your options, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

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