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On September 12th, 2022

Video Conferencing Isn’t Going Away—Here’s How to Make It Better


The business world’s interest in video conferencing obviously had a surge throughout 2020, and in the years since, its popularity has only continued. For one, it’s often much more convenient to jump on a video call rather than travel for meetings. But even better, when a company’s conference room is set up correctly, the space can—and should—be a great asset to your business, and in multiple different ways!

A Better Video Conference Room Setup

Companies specializing in professional services obviously need professional workspaces. That first impression for your clients can make or break a new working relationship. Just like in our personal lives, it’s always better to present yourself as pulled-together. Your company’s video conference room can be influential in the same way. On a subconscious level, it should convey a tone of confidence, similar to what we’re all looking to project when meeting in-person.

When done correctly, a video conference room can undoubtedly help your team with their sales process too. What’s more, it even helps to build more trust with any current partnerships. The room setup should start with having good lighting, and companies shouldn’t rely only on the windows in their room to make that happen. Reviewing your overhead lighting setup and any ambient lighting options for the room can make a world of difference.

Another aspect that can be easily forgotten is the furniture for your video conference room. Investing in a new table and chairs can be a fun and easy way to liven up the space. Along the way, consider your company’s branding. Whether that’s choosing chairs in the same color as your logo or even adding a logo decal to your back wall, the little details can definitely help promote your company and set yourself apart from the competition.

Review Your Company’s Video Conferencing Technology

One the room’s physical setup has been fine-tuned, companies need to investigate their telecommunications solutions. Fuzzy image quality and poor audio can get resolved with new modern cameras and microphones. Beyond that, though, your building might be ready for an internet upgrade.

New fiber cabling can be another effective fix. Or you may need to look into switching to another provider. If you don’t have an in-house IT department, weighing these options can seem a little daunting at times. But that’s where an experienced telecommunications partner comes into play. Ideally you’ll be able to find everything you need from one company. And if you’re located in Southwestern Idaho, or even elsewhere in the state, our team at Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is here to help!

Find Your Custom Telecomm Solutions with ETD!

The surge in popularity with video conferencing means that companies across all industries need to take a closer look at how well their own setup is performing. Some upgrades may be purely cosmetic for your space. But if technology is the issue, then we’d be more than happy to schedule a consultation.

Your audio video hardware and cabling infrastructure are the most critical components of a successful, modern conference room. Please don’t hesitate to send us a message. Then we can work with you to design the perfect custom solution!

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