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On January 30th, 2020

Upgrade Options for Allworx Business Phone Systems


How your company communicates makes a big difference for your bottom line. Typically, the more responsive you are, the better your relationships will be. Your prospective customers and clients want to know that you’ll be easy to reach whenever they have a question, and a quick review of your current phone systems can help make sure your team has all the right tools to make a great impression.

Software Options for Allworx Phones

Incorporating a few smart features into your phone systems can make a world of difference for how you improve your process both internally and with the people you serve. While you may not need all of the available Allworx software add-ons, it’s always a good idea to be aware of your options:

Take business calls on your mobile device – Working with an Allworx VoIP communication system and Allworx Reach lets you take business calls wherever you are with your smartphone. These functions are great for team members who are often on-the-go.

Add voice prompts in another language – With Allworx Dual Language Support, you can utilize additional voice prompts for callers in either Castilian Spanish or Canadian French. It’s also easy to customize these language options based on the geographic area of the incoming call.

Connect with remote team members – Up to 100 different locations can be tied to a central phone system through the Allworx Advanced Multi-Site software. This is a great function for extension dialing, shared user status, and better overall collaboration for dispersed teams.

Enable one-click dialing from your computer – Many clients appreciate the Allworx Interact Professional and Interact Sync systems because they streamline call functions right through your desktop’s interface. You can place and answer calls with a single mouse click, and you still get the great voice quality of an Allworx phone.

Customize your call distribution –  Whether you want to assign calls in a linear, round-robin, longest idle, or ring-all process, the Allworx Automatic Call Distribution solution can set your team up with up to 10 queues at variable depths.

Get better tracking for call reports – Also designed with call centers in mind, the Allworx View software delivers clear graphical charts and other data to help you analyze your customer service and call performance. You can even customize your dashboard to monitor team member settings and queue status in real time.

Schedule conference calls anywhere – A single server license fee can unlock unlimited usage options with Allworx Conference Center. This is a cost-effective and secure solution for teams of all sizes.

Need a Business Phone System Upgrade?

If your business isn’t already working with an Allworx system, now might be the time to switch. Allworx makes it easy to upgrade your system with its add-on options, and they even have a FREE tool called Allworx OfficeSafe, which will back up your site’s Allworx server data at any time that’s most convenient for you. What’s more, these systems let you back up an unlimited number of Allworx servers, so you can keep all of your application files safe.

We’re proud to install and service Allworx phone systems at Enhanced Telecommunications, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions. We’d be happy to help you find the right communications setup and software upgrades to help you do your best work!

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