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On August 23rd, 2021

Telecomm and IT Setup for New Business Locations


Every company goes through changes, and a physical move can be one of the most significant and challenging situations for business owners to navigate! Obviously the sooner you can start planning, the better. But there are a few things that can be addressed at any stage.

Whether you’re just beginning the process of finding a new space or you’re already getting settled, this overview for your telecommunications needs can help your company stay on track.

Out with the Old—Business Phone Upgrades

Just like with personal moves, a company move gives you the perfect opportunity to figure out what’s actually worth keeping. It usually helps to build an inventory before you begin packing boxes. Being able to review your business assets both on paper and in-person helps give teams a better idea of the equipment that’s become unnecessary or outdated. In terms of your telecommunication systems, business phones are some of the best items to replace for a solid ROI.

What's more, going ahead and upgrading your business phones now can help make the move a true “fresh start” for your team. When you’re settling into a new site, you might as well rethink your day-to-day process too. Fortunately, learning a new phone system doesn’t have to be complicated. The latest solutions are super user-friendly. Then everyone can start out on the right foot with modern tech and new tools to work more comfortably and productively.

Internet Storage and Fast Connections

Technology is constantly improving, and odds are, some of your other electronics and systems aren’t as useful as they once were, either. You might want to replace slow, old desktops with new computers. But addressing the real problems related your speed, data security, and remote working options is usually even better with a cloud solution.

Looking into cloud solutions for both storage and your general telecommunications needs can help streamline your overall costs too. Before you make a major investment with new servers or purchase another piece of expensive equipment for your IT infrastructure, consider talking with a third-party vendor and switching to the cloud.

Video Conference Room Solutions

Another part of your company’s long-term vision should be to consider whether your team would benefit from a formal video conference room. Getting set up with the right video camera and audio needs on day one at your new address can go a long way for maintaining your professional image and brand.

If your company didn't have a designated space for video conferencing in the past, the process of arranging these rooms can be a little daunting. But a good telecommunications team can get you everything you need. Even if you have an in-house IT department, it never hurts to get some extra insight.

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Whether you're just launching your company, finally moving to a bigger building, or getting ready to downsize to cut on costs, Enhanced Telecommunications and Data can help you create the perfect solution for your new site.

Let our team take some of the stress off your plate! We have a long history of working with companies and organizations of all sizes—and across all industries. That means we know how to ask the right questions so nothing gets overlooked. There are plenty of affordable ways to improve your process, and we’ll help make sure you’re all set for your company’s short-term and long-term goals. Please send us a message to start your telecomm consultation!

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