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On January 20th, 2023

Remote Monitoring for Commercial Signal Boosters—with SureCall Systems

Is Cellular DAS Worth the Cost?


Reliable technology should be able to keep up with our own fast pace. Nevertheless, dealing with a poor cell signal can happen anywhere, with any carrier. When you need to communicate quickly and efficiently, signal boosters can help!

Whether you’re an IT Admin, Small Business Owner, or Facilities Manager, you can upgrade your site with a SureCall signal booster to deliver stronger service to all of the people in your building or on your campus. SureCall signal boosters work to deliver better cell signals for all types of locations, and they aren't limited to any carrier. What’s more, the company is all about innovation. They’re a true performance leader for the industry, and they even developed the first version of remote monitoring. This feature allows you to adjust your cell signal booster at any time, and anywhere. It’s called Sentry™ remote monitoring technology.

5 Benefits of the SureCall Sentry Remote Monitoring Signal Booster Technology

If you want hands-on control with your signal boosters, Sentry Remote Monitoring Technology will be the perfect fit. It’s a great setup for anyone who wants to check their system performance in real-time and make adjustments on-site or even on-the-go.

1. Detailed Readings with Performance Monitoring

You can check the gain readings to track the amount of signal feeding into your booster at any time. From there, you can make quick and easy adjustments to improve performance. Based on the data, you may even decide to install additional hardware to ensure your usage needs are being met. You'll have the numbers you need to set your own strategy.

2. Compatible with Any Device

The cost of the booster includes all of the desktop software and apps that you need to monitor your signal boosters remotely. You can do all of your tasks whether you’re on an iPhone, Android, or Desktop.

3. Notifications for Any Malfunctions

Your remote monitoring feature will give you a heads up if nearby changes in your area, such as newly-installed towers, start affecting your booster. Then you can make any updates you need on-the-go, right from your device.

4. Instant Uplink and Downlink Adjustments

The Sentry interfaces give users full access to your system’s DIP switches. You can monitor these settings at any time and adjust the values to ensure you’re getting the appropriate uplink and downlink for your site.

5. Use One Account for Multiple Boosters

SureCall Sentry is completely scalable, which makes it perfect for both large and small sites. You can have convenient remote access to all of your boosters through one secure account.

We Can Help! Contact Our Team for Your SureCall Signal Booster Installation

Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is the trusted SureCall Partner serving clients throughout the state of Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Whether you’re managing a large or small facility, or even a wide campus, our technicians can help you find the best SureCall signal booster solution for your site. Once we design the layout, we can move directly into the installation. Working with us is easy because you get an all-in-one team!

Let’s solve your signal problems with a streamlined solution. From small office boosters to large buildings and even warehouse locations, we’ll take your project from start to finish. To learn more about our process with a consultation, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

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