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On May 4th, 2022

5 Signs Your Facility Needs an WiFi Upgrade


We’ve all experienced the frustrations of slow internet around the house at one point or another. But when it happens in our workplace, those setbacks can become even worse.

Business Planning and Your Internet—Time to Upgrade?

Dealing with internet speed hiccups might make the workday go on longer than it should. What’s more, there may be deadlines to reach, video calls to manage, or even the chance of losing work content altogether if it isn’t being saved promptly to the Cloud.

Before those worst-case scenarios arise, take a minute to consider the following. There’s a chance you might already be due for an internet upgrade. And taking care of it now can save you that trouble down the road.

1. The Complaints Are Picking Up

Has your team already been raising some concerns about the office internet? Page load errors, poor connectivity between devices, and even phone call quality issues with VoIP solutions can all negatively impact employee workplace satisfaction. If the slow internet speeds or lag time are so noticeable that multiple people are speaking up, it’s time to take a closer look at the situation.

2. The Business Keeps Growing

Have you recently brought on a crew of new hires? Maybe you've even opened up an entirely new department for the company. The bandwidth you’ve been using may not be able to keep up with the increased demand. Fortunately, the fix here might be as simple as upgrading the plan you have in place with your internet provider. Of course, it’s still smart to explore the other reasons for slow business internet too.

3. There Are WiFi “Dead Spots”

Does your facility have specific zones that have never had good internet reception? Even if those areas aren’t designated for work—such as the breakroom—the problem shouldn’t be ignored. Installing a new internet access point or range extender could help ensure that every corner of your property gets the best possible signal.

4. The Hardware Is Outdated

When was your IT infrastructure last serviced or reviewed? If you don’t know the year, that’s an automatic red flag. Just as our smart phones and computers need upgrades, the equipment you’re using to deploy those WiFi signals might be seriously outdated—even when your internet speed itself is strong and fast.

5. There Are New Cabling Options

Why not make a meaningful investment for the long-term? Fiber cabling is becoming more available, and many companies can gain a lot of benefits by making the switch to these faster systems. Upgrading modems and routers, or even increasing your bandwidth, might get your business internet where it needs to be for the short-term. But fiber cabling is essentially future-proof. It’s not going to be out-done any time soon.

Partner with Your Local Telecommunications Company!

Enhanced Telecommunications and Data serves commercial clients of all sizes and across all industries. We’re based in Boise and work with organizations all throughout the state of Idaho and beyond.

If your team has been complaining about slow internet speeds, dead zones, or other telecommunications setbacks, we’re here to help. Running through some diagnostics and analyzing your current setup will identify the source of the problem. Then we can help get your IT infrastructure where it needs to be to correct those slow internet setbacks. To learn more, just send us a message. We’re always happy to connect and schedule site visits!

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