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On March 3rd, 2020

Can You Send a Fax Without a Fax Machine?


Now that we have email, smartphones, and video conferencing, why does the fax machine still exist? For many people, it seems strange that someone would ever have to send their documents via fax. But there are practical reasons for turning to fax even today—as well as some newer options for being able to send a fax more efficiently.

Why Do People Still Use Fax?

Although sending a fax may seem obsolete to most of the world, there are a handful of industries that have held onto fax as one of their primary methods for document sharing. For example, healthcare professionals and law enforcement agencies continue to rely on fax machines for certain security and regulatory concerns. The idea here is that phone lines are less susceptible to interference. Rather than risk getting hacked or running into spyware on the internet, some organizations insist on sticking with the traditional fax machine.

Of course, a lot of this “loyalty” to fax might just be from habit. There are plenty of solutions now that allow people to send data securely through the internet. With a fax to desktop service, you can have the convenience of your current office setup, and still work with others who choose—or are required—to use fax.

Sending a Fax—without the Machine

If you don’t have convenient access to a fax machine, there are other tools to explore. Your version of Microsoft Windows may even have a Fax and Scan application already installed. The trouble, though, is that your computer needs to be connected to a phone landline in order to use that feature. Not everyone will have that set up for their computer.

As an alternative, you might consider fax to desktop. These services let you receive and send a fax with your existing hardware. You don’t actually need a fax machine to get the job done. With fax to desktop, you simply attach the document to your email. Then you send that email attachment to an online service, which will convert that data file for you. That way, the traditional fax machine on the other end can read it correctly.

Fax to desktop can work the opposite way too. If someone needs to send you a fax, there are ways you can receive and read that file on your computer. The fax to desktop service can assign an internet fax number assigned to you. The sender can still use their fax machine. They’ll enter your fax number, and the data will be sent through the phone line to your fax to desktop service. There, it will be translated into a file that you can open normally from your email.

Enhanced Telecommunications is Here to Help

We understand how frustrating it can be to have technical difficulties around the office. Whether it’s trying to manage a phone line for faxing or you need to streamline your business phone system, our team can help you find the right solutions.

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