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On March 18th, 2022

7 Reasons for a Business Fiber Cabling Investment


The digital age has certainly streamlined a lot of workflow challenges for companies. Yet the technology itself doesn’t always live up to what teams need. Whether your business is growing or you’re just noticing that your internet speeds and data usage have been changing, making the investment for a fiber cabling upgrade might be just the thing to get your productivity back on track!

Benefits of Business Fiber Cabling

Only a few years ago, fiber seemed like a “buzzword” for a lot of people outside of the telecommunications industry. But today, it’s widely available, and for a lot of companies the benefits of fiber cabling have helped reduce a lot of stress and make their operations better than ever.

1. Faster Internet Speeds

Traditional copper cables were designed specifically for voice transmission. Obviously times have changed! The limited bandwidth means that they can only do so much, and with some of the data demands of today, Cat5 and Cat6 copper cables simply aren’t able to keep up. Fiber optic cabling, on the other hand, can carry more data at super-fast speeds. Compared to the speed of light, their signals are only about 30 percent slower.

2. Reliable Connections

Fiber is the latest and greatest with cabling, so it just makes sense that they have less signal degradation than the older cabling setups. What’s more, fiber optics aren’t affected by temperature changes or other severe weather situations. There’s no electric current with fiber like there is with copper, which makes fiber cabling stronger and much more reliable.

3. Scalability with Fiber Cabling

If your existing internet connection has been slowing down as your network needs increase, fiber internet can give you a significant boost in your bandwidth. You won’t need to worry about compromising speed just because you’re growing your team.

4. Better Security

Consider those worst-case scenarios too. It’s relatively easy for hackers to access the standard cable internet connections. But with fiber optics, the only way to interfere is to physically cut into the cable line. Upgrading to fiber makes a huge difference for solidifying your network security and ensuring your data is safe.

5. More Cost-Effective

Although there’s an upfront cost for business fiber cabling, the long-term benefits can’t be ignored. Arguably the biggest impact for your ROI is the fact that fiber allows you to move your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud in a more manageable way. Plus, there are fewer maintenance requirements with fiber cabling over broadband systems. You won’t need to pay for additional hardware down the road either.

6. Works for Longer Distances

Fiber optic internet is an especially smart call for multi-building sites and larger commercial properties. It also works great for more remote locations, since fiber cabling can carry signals nearly 25 miles away.

7. The Future of Fiber Cabling

As technology continues to advance, having a fiber network already set up can put your organization ahead of the game. The cables themselves are more durable and secure, and the systems are just more effective and reliable all around.

Let’s discuss the potential for business fiber optic cabling on your site. Our team can help you review your existing data needs and cast projections on how your bandwidth might change down the road. All it takes is a quick initial consult! Don’t hesitate to reach out to Enhanced Telecommunications and Data to learn more about how we can solve your challenges with a savvy telecommunications investment!

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