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On April 26th, 2022

Prep Your Home Video Surveillance—Before Summer Vacation


Going on vacation with your family is supposed to help you unwind and create some fantastic memories! You don’t need any worries to start creeping in during your time away. With a home video surveillance system, it’s easy to get a little peace of mind.

How Does Home Video Surveillance Work?

The level of security for your home will only be as good as the sum of its parts. That’s why homeowners need to develop comprehensive solutions and not just go with a “quick fix.”

Having a robust home video surveillance setup is just one piece of that puzzle. The purpose of these systems is to give you “eyes on the scene.” This goes beyond having a small camera at your front door with the doorbell. True surveillance works on every corner of your property.

The systems utilize multiple cameras and a closed-circuit system, which is why it's beneficial to work with a local telecommunications company or security company. They can help give you the professional insights you need for an effective installation. Because if you put the cameras in the wrong spots, you might be blind to certain areas of your home. Worse, faulty recording equipment could render the entire project useless. If the technology isn’t reliable or high-quality, then you might not even be able to tell whether your property is secure or not.

You should always collaborate with your contractors to make sure the home video surveillance system you’re considering can actually give you what matters most. You'll want to have an easy, convenient way to access that video feed remotely while on vacation. And if you'd like some additional features, there are also options for recording the video footage. Then you can watch and review the content in the future—or even share it with local authorities during an investigation.

Other Ways to Increase Your Home Security Efforts

To really maximize your home video surveillance, it’s also important to finetune a few other things around your house. You need to be able to have a clear line of sight when you’re checking your camera footage. Trimming back any overgrown shrubs is the first step. Then you may want to consider adding some light features to your landscaping. Dark spaces attract trouble. If you keep your property well-lit, then your home should become less of a target for thieves and vandalism. (Plus, it’s a nice way to boost your curb appeal year-round!)

Another easy upgrade for your security efforts is to simply talk with your neighbors! If you don’t already speak with them regularly, just reach out while you’re both working outside in the spring and summertime. Let them know when your family has any vacation plans coming up. Then they can act as another set of eyes on the house. Naturally, they would appreciate you doing the same for them.

Boise Home Video Surveillance—and Beyond

Whether you’re out of town or just out to dinner for the night, getting a series of home video surveillance cameras installed can make it easier to relax because you'll be able to take a look at your home anytime, and anywhere. You can also find systems that provide long-term recording options. Or you can just leave them on with a live feed, which works out great if you'd like to get into the habit of checking on your property more regularly.

No matter your motivations, Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is here to help! We offer both commercial and residential surveillance solutions to clients throughout Boise and the surrounding area.

If you’d like to learn more, please send us a message to schedule an onsite visit. Then we can start drafting a plan for the home video surveillance solution that’s truly customized to you!

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