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On September 30th, 2020

Are Plantronics / Poly Headsets Good for Your Team?

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Being able to work with a quality headset goes far beyond just keeping your hands free while you work. The right audio quality can improve call satisfaction for both your customers and your team members. Plus, a well-designed headset is a must-have for comfort and all-day wear. For all of those reasons and more, the Plantronics headsets collections really stand out—no matter your industry!

About Plantronics Headset Options

For years, Plantronics headsets have been a clear favorite for customer service representatives, office admin staff members, and more. There are even Plantronics headset options for personal use and video gaming too, which just goes to show how innovative they are in their field. And now their technology is better than ever!

In 2019, the company joined with Polycom and rebranded to be known as Poly. It’s the same high-quality audio, but with smart video options available too. Whether your employees are working in a busy cubicle setting or you have team members consistently working from home, a good headset helps makes all the difference. Poly has solutions for all types of environments and ways of doing business.

Top Features for Business Headsets

There are a few factors to consider for choosing the right headset. The primary concern is that your headset will be user-friendly. Adopting new technology can be frustrating if the set up instructions aren’t clear. But when you work with a device that’s made well, getting started shouldn’t be any problem.

Another key benefit of working with good headsets is that they’ll have strong audio quality. That means they should be canceling out any background noise so all parties can focus on their own conversation instead of what’s happening behind-the-scenes. Your call clarity helps set the right professional tone, and Poly headsets do a great job at keeping your team on track.

Other considerations will relate to comfort. Streamlined and lightweight designs are the new standard. If your company is still working with older headset models, you might be missing out on that type of effective engineering. Both wireless and wired headset models should fit comfortably throughout the entire day.

Fortunately, there are plenty of useful Poly headset add-ons to browse to help make your device even more convenient for how you work. It’s simple to order extra ear cushions, cable adapters, spare batteries, and more. That way, everyone on your team can have their own type of custom solution.

Let’s Review Your Headset Options!

Whether you want new headsets that will be compatible with your softphones and VoIP system or something more basic, we can help! From high-end wireless headsets to corded headsets that work great with regular office desk phones, let’s review our selection together and find the right match for your needs. The right hardware helps make every workday go so much smoother. An easy upgrade can even boost your team’s efficiency and morale.

Enhanced Telecommunications is proud to work with companies of all sizes. Give us a call at (208) 947-3900 so we can schedule a time to review your existing phone systems. Or send us a message so we can answer your immediate questions. Even if your team works remotely, we’d be happy to help! We always strive to be your go-to resource for all things related to your business telecommunications needs.

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