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On April 15th, 2021

Network Cabling Options: Lower Stress, Better Productivity


We all know that streamlined systems help keep the day-to-day operations of any company on track. From how you onboard new employees to your process for planning meetings, all of your company routines make a difference. Clear expectations and reliable tech work to protect your team from unnecessary stressors or surprises. Then again, your IT infrastructure may not be as dependable as you’d like.

Whenever someone is working and “in the zone,” they don’t want that productivity to get stalled just because of an outdated network. Dealing with a poor internet connection is a major nuisance, and that frustration can carry over to other aspects of their job. To keep employee satisfaction high, you need to give your team the right tools.

About Network Cabling Systems

The typical office environment relies on network cabling to connect their computers, data storage systems, and even their business phones. All of these devices need to work together for teams to communicate quickly and work effectively. When the networking solutions is built correctly, the internet speed will undoubtedly be faster. Plus, when business phones are using that internet connection, they should be able to deliver better audio quality too.

Of course, every site is different. Some areas have access to faster internet speeds all because of their internet provider. But there are still ways to increase your business internet speed with some new network cabling options. After all, if your own hardware and infrastructure isn’t performing like it should, then even that “fast internet” going into your building won’t be enough to keep up with your needs.

How to Find the Right Solution for Your Company

If you’re ready to put an end the stress of slow internet, analyzing the layout of your building would be a great first step. There’s a chance that your network cabling service provider might be able to fix the problem just by rearranging the different cabling connections and keeping the cable lengths as short as possible. Otherwise, you may need to consider a new cabling installation project altogether.

Fortunately, your best network cabling options may not need to be as robust as a fiber internet setup. There are plenty of Ethernet cabling options that could still improve how your team works. Cat6 and Cat6a Ethernet cabling solutions can be smart upgrades. They can even support larger teams.

Touching base with your local telecomm company or cabling installation company can help you determine the best course of action. You always want to be careful about your company’s IT solutions investments. Getting all of the facts for your service area, your company’s internet usage, and your existing cabling network is crucial. Any solution you choose will need to be completely customized to your business.

Let’s Schedule a Time to Connect!

Whether your company already has a dedicated IT department, or you need to outsource all of your telecomm services, our team can help. Enhanced Telecommunications and Data works with organizations of all sizes and across all industries. That means we know how to customize our network cabling services to best match your needs—nothing more and nothing less. It’s great to have fast internet, but there’s no reason to install a network cabling system that goes above and beyond your typical data usage.

Ready to get an honest assessment of your current setup? Just send us a message so we can find a time to talk or have an onsite visit. We’re always happy to answer your questions. And we look forward to hearing from you!

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