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On June 12th, 2021

Access Control Systems to Meet Today’s Needs


Creating a safe working environment has always been a top concern for employers. And today, those risks aren’t only specific to physical address. Safety goes hand in hand with security. The access control measures for your building’s entrances and sensitive data storage are just as important as ever. Every organization needs a solid defense system against potential threats.

Security Risks—and Compliance Standards

Office spaces in particular have experienced significant overhauls in the recent months. The demand for new and modern access control systems had been on the up and up for years. But then as companies made the shift to adopt remote working models through the coronavirus outbreak, security concerns about physical sites seemed to slip. By some accounts, the access control market may have experienced an 8% drop in 2020. Yet this doesn’t mean that the value of security itself has fallen. We just need to be looking at newer models.

Today, it’s not simply about having restrictions for who can enter your building—and when. It’s also critical for organizations to consider the actual rooms inside their building too. Compliance issues related to data breaches tend to only emphasize cybersecurity and online hackers. But we also need to protect our physical records onsite. A filing cabinet could easily become a “goldmine” for criminals because, depending on the business, that paperwork can include emails, birthdates, and even social security numbers for both clients and employees.

Although remote work may have reduced the traffic in and out of commercial buildings, the need for reliable access control systems is never going away. If anything, it’s time to pair these solutions with additional security measures and video surveillance. The right upgrades can go a long way for giving teams peace of mind.

Enhanced Solutions to Meet Changing Needs

As technology has evolved, companies have been able to adopt truly personalized solutions to help their teams stay organized and improve the way they work. Access control systems today give you the power to address very specific concerns and set up whichever control rules make the most sense for your environment. It’s a more robust form of security than simply turning a lock on your door. Plus, it gives you the flexibility to make updates. Newer access control systems help companies stay nimble whenever they need to update their restrictions, which is especially helpful because scheduling changes these days can often happen quite suddenly.

Ready for a Better Access Control System?

If you can’t remember the last time your access control system was stress-tested, then it’s probably long overdue. There might be areas that aren’t even functioning anymore. Or maybe your building needs a complete retrofit upgrade. The security measures that your work requires may not really line up with what your current setup is offering. Scheduling a site review can help give you the intel you need.

Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is proud to serve companies throughout Idaho and Eastern Oregon. We design and install access control systems for commercial clients, and we can also help you add an extra layer of security with video surveillance. To learn more about your options, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’re here to help!

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