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On January 28th, 2022

Mobile Softphone Best-Use Practices—for Any Industry


Business communications hinge on having reliable phone systems. But it’s one thing to have desktop phones in the office, and quite another to have true remote and mobile solutions. That’s where business softphones come into play. When you have the right setup, it’s easy for you and your team to take calls anytime, and anywhere!

Why Softphones and Not Cell Phones?

Everyone feels at least a little protective of their personal cell phone. So there’s really no reason to have to use it for work. By adopting business softphones, you’re able to keep business calls separate. And yet you still get the flexibility that a normal cell phone can’t offer.

The real difference, though, is that softphones operate through your computer. This offers team members a great, concrete distinction between their time on-the-job and their personal lives. The solutions work via the internet, which means that you can manage your workload wherever you have an internet connection.

Softphones for Remote Work

We’ve chosen to partner with the Allworx VoIP phone solutions because they seamlessly connect with the phone systems that our clients are currently using onsite. You’re basically able to work the same way, no matter where you are. In today’s world, these remote working options are critical.

The softphones can sync with the same phone system software that you use at the office for accessing your client database, call recording, as well as your call history reviews and all of the other features you rely on to keep your operations running smoothly. They’re super user-friendly because you don’t really have to spend time learning how to use a new system.

With a softphone, working on a laptop doesn’t actually feel that different from working on a desktop with your business phone at the office. You don’t need an actual desk phone—or to tie up your personal cell phone. You’ll be able to use a headset instead.

Because the softphone interface is essentially an online platform, the solutions really just function as an extension of the suite of telecommunications solutions that have already been serving you well!

Need to Set Up Your Business Softphones?

Technology is always evolving. Fortunately, our team knows how to keep up with the times. The latest telecomm systems can help teams work efficiently whether they’re at home, on-site, or away on a business trip. Softphones are an easy way to keep everyone connected and available for conference calls, customer service, and more.

Whether you’re new to the Allworx phone systems or you’ve been familiar with their solutions for years, we’d be happy to help you start exploring your options with business softphones. Enhanced Telecommunications and Data consults with clients across all industries, both locally and even out of state.

Let’s start the conversation to see if softphones would make sense for your team! We can scale the solutions to best meet your needs and protect your budget. Along the way, we’ll be here to help make the transition easy for your entire team too. Just send us a message so we can schedule a time to talk and answer your questions!

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