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On June 16th, 2022

How to Maximize Your Allworx Business Phone Systems


Once your Allworx business phone systems are set up, you don’t necessarily need to stick with the same configuration for years and years. Your company will likely be growing, and there's a chance that you might be making the switch to working remotely. Fortunately, Allworx has a wide variety of software upgrades to improve both workflow and your team’s flexibility for making and placing calls. You just need to know what’s available!

Streamlined Workflows: Allworx Business Phone Upgrades

Companies have tons of options for how to customize their Allworx phone systems. That’s why going with their solutions is such a smart move—you aren’t limited to a single format.

Teams can get great benefits by adding the Allworx Interact Professional solution to their current setup. This software allows your business phones to integrate with your desktops. It’s basically connecting your phone system database with the CRM tools or other third-party apps your company may already be using. Then that information can be synced for every call.

Allworx Interact Professional can definitely save team members a good amount of time throughout the day. You’ll also be able to place and answer calls with a single mouse click! All of your company communications are happening in one place, right on the desktop. You won’t need to go back and forth between a desktop phone display and your computer screen.

Another way to streamline your workflow is to adopt the Allworx Automatic Call Distribution platform. This is crucial for helping call centers and customer service teams stay efficient. So if your company is expanding with a new service department, this is a perfect upgrade.

Allworx lets you assign calls in all types of patterns, whether linear, round-robin, longest idle or a ring-all. Plus, there are options for supervisors to assist team members with a “whisper mode.”

Remote Work: Allworx Reach and Allworx Interact Softphones

The other major player for employers today is to have the option for team members to work remotely or while traveling. Again, you can get the right communications tools with the lineup of Allworx products.

If you’re looking to take business calls on your smartphone, the Allworx Reach application is the way to go. This feature connects with your existing Allworx VoIP system. It’s a great solution for team members whose work isn’t confined to a desk-space, but who still need to be accessible throughout the day.

The next item to consider is the Allworx Interact Softphone. With it, you can have all of the same features that you’ve been comfortable using at the office, whenever and wherever you may be. This solution is a must for remote work, and they do a great job at continuing to streamline your workflow.

For example, the softphones can integrate with your Salesforce accounts or contact records that you might be using with Microsoft Outlook. Whether your team members are working remotely from home, or you have multiple offices spread across the region or the country, upgrading to a business softphone solution can help you stay on-track with the latest telecommunications technology.

Let’s Customize the Allworx Solutions for Your Team!

Already have an Allworx system installed? Still weighing your options? Our team at Enhanced Telecommunications and Data can help you find the right fit. We’re proud to partner with Allworx solutions, and we serve clients and accounts of all sizes, as well as organizations across all types of industries. To learn more about how to customize your own business phone solutions, just send us a message. We’d be happy to get in touch!

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