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On January 9th, 2023

Integrated Overhead Paging Features to Round Out Your Solution

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While some organizations can get by with sending emails or group chat updates to their employees, other sites need a communications solution that can reach everyone instantly, whether they're at their desk or not. With an indoor/outdoor overhead paging solution, you can share audio updates with anyone on your site—no matter their location.

Overhead Paging Solutions vs Intercom Systems

When you’re looking into a new infrastructure upgrade, it helps to understand what separates one type of system from another. Sometimes people start looking into an overhead paging system just to realize that what they really want is an intercom system. Different solutions will meet your needs in different ways.

If your business operations require two-way communication, an overhead paging system would only be able to solve half of the problem. Overhead paging works to broadcast messages via speakers. Intercom systems, on the other hand, are typically equipped with features that allow message recipients to verbally respond to the broadcast through a connected telephone line. Depending on your facility, this type of call-and-response may or may not be necessary.

When you need prompt action with one simple setup, overhead paging is usually the way to go. Overhead paging systems are a great stand-alone solution because they deliver one-way communication to anywhere on your site. The solution lets you get information out fast, and you don’t need to worry about phone line connections.

Best Practices for Indoor/Outdoor Paging Systems

Overhead paging systems are designed to run as a standalone system. That being said, the right telecomm solutions provider can help integrate an indoor/outdoor paging system with your existing IT infrastructure to give you a more robust setup. There are plenty of ways to customize a commercial paging system, but it all stems from maximizing its standard functions.

For example, you will likely be using different zone settings to pick and choose where to broadcast your announcements. The speaker settings allow you to set a target for messages. You don’t want to make a campus-wide announcement for something that only relates to a single floor in the building.

In addition to zone paging, you can also customize your paging system by incorporating both indoor and outdoor speakers. This can be particularly useful for evacuation instructions or other emergency situations where everyone needs to be in the loop. It's also useful for facilities that have loading bays or retail inventory outside.

You can even use overhead paging systems to provide background music or ambient noise throughout your building. The technology doesn’t need to be reserved for mass notifications. Overhead music can significantly increase our mood and productivity, so why not make the most of your new solution? Whenever you make an announcement, it will simply override the music and reach your intended paging zone loud and clear.

Ready for a Custom Overhead Paging System?

Overhead paging is a fantastic tool for all types of sites and industries. Large offices, retail stores, car dealerships, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and school campuses often rely on paging broadcast systems to share messages. When you’re ready to upgrade your own site, just contact our technicians.

Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is proud to design and install overhead announcement systems that are user-friendly and reliable. Whether you need to contact your office workers at their desks, notify employees assisting customers on the floor, or share updates with students or staff taking their lunch break outside, we can create a custom solution that helps everyone stay on track.

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