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On December 9th, 2022

3 Smart Applications for Industry Access Control


Security risks affect every type of property. The most recent annual Idaho Crimes Against Property report calculated that destruction of property and burglary/breaking and entering make up more than 31 percent of the 32,162 cases that were reported. In many instances, those types of crimes result in losses that are irreplaceable.

For example, personal data can be incredibly valuable to criminals. No amount of money can undo the invasion of privacy with identity theft, or the stress that comes with having to reorganize those accounts to keep your information more secure for the future. Even worse, break-ins can quickly escalate to violence and become truly life-altering events. Fortunately, installing a new access control solution helps alleviate those concerns.

What Industries Benefit the Most from Access Control and Visitor Management Solutions?

In the past, we only had keys and locks or security personnel to provide building access control. But today’s technology offers even better protection that works 24/7. This can make a significant difference for high-risk areas.

The benefits of access control on commercial sites and professional office spaces are obvious. The system setting options are able to restrict access for individuals based on their company role, like whether a staff member should be able to enter rooms with client records or enter the building outside of their regular hours. That being said, there are a few other types of organizations that can greatly benefit by installing their own access control systems too.

1. Education Applications

Large college campuses and small local schools all rely on security strategy plans to mitigate the risks of violence. Visitor management solutions add an important extra layer of defense for the people on site, helping to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and faculty.

Education administrators should also be aware that they can utilize access control solutions to prevent vandalism or break-ins to certain areas within a school building where students or visitors shouldn’t be heading. In these applications, access control badges really come in handy. That way, teachers and staff don’t need to fumble with keys just to access certain hallways or rooms. With a simple access control setup, they can move freely about the facility and get where they need to go, without worrying about whether they'll run into someone who isn't authorized to be in the same space.

2. Government Access Control

Elected officials and government agencies have their own rules and regulations for access control, so it’s important to find a solution that’s compliant with the level of security they need. One option is to use biometric access controls. Smaller facilities, however, may find that a combination of photo imaging, intrusion detection, and building video surveillance will be adequate for their needs.

3. Healthcare Visitor Management

Unauthorized facility access or departures can put individuals receiving medical care in risky situations. Whether it’s an unwelcome stranger entering a hospital wing or a patient leaving a treatment center before they have been approved for discharge, the healthcare industry often requires a unique set of access control rules.

Employers also need to take precautions against theft of medication or property. Moreover, there could be sensitive areas within the building that visitors shouldn’t be able to “wander into.” The right solution allows everyone to feel safer, all while helping organizations protect their assets.

Find Your Best Access Control System with the Enhanced Telecommunications Team!

If you own a commercial building or help manage another facility located in Idaho, our technicians are here to help. Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is proud to design custom access control solutions and install state-of-the-art Galaxy Access Control products to our clients. Let our process help you protect your assets—and the wellbeing of everyone who is on your site!

To learn more about your solution options, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’re always happy to schedule site evaluations. Then we can start discussing the access control systems and rule applications that could work best for you!

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