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On February 10th, 2022

Your Indoor and Outdoor Building Access Control Solutions


It’s important to limit where people can and can’t go around your property. That includes your building’s entryways and exits, as well as the different rooms indoors. Today, there are all sorts of solutions that can address these security concerns. You just need to know what’s available.

Ways to Improve Building Entry Access Control

The primary reason to set up a new entry access control system is to eliminate the possibility of individuals wandering into your workplace unannounced. Another reason, though, is to stop people from “tailgating” into your building. This happens when staff allow others to follow after them as they open the door. Educating team members on how to use their access control ID badges helps ensure that you only have authorized personnel on your site.

One extreme could be to have unidentifiable people enter a school building. But obviously there are also motivators for setting up building access control when organizations want to protect themselves against theft, privacy breaches, or other dangerous situations. Human error with “tailgating” is natural, but you still need to reduce the risks for those worst case scenarios.

Going with a network system can be a wise option. This allows you to have individual settings for your access control. Each employee can be issued their own badge or user card according to their status. While the maintenance team may need to enter the building in the early morning hours, other team members might not need to have access until their regular shift actually starts. Access control settings can help minimize “overtime hours” and keep everyone on-track.

Options for Commercial Access Control Indoors

Of course, it’s not just about restricting who can enter your building—and at what hours. Access control solutions are also important indoors. There are a handful of different ways to boost security with different retrofit options. These are great because they can be installed according to your building’s current layout.

For example, you can look into elevator controls to limit access to different levels in your building. Or you can set up keypad codes and security badges at certain doorways. This could be for your server rooms, or other areas where confidential records are being kept.

Putting these measures in place helps uphold your compliance standards and lowers the liability. This is true for all types of industries, whether that’s a healthcare facility, industrial site, or even the typical office building. Everyone has their own role to play in an organization. They don’t necessarily need to have access to every room. Making the rules clear can help team members understand why those limitations are in place. Then you can maintain privacy in the areas that matter most.

Find the Right Access Control Solutions—with Enhanced Telecommunications!

Every site is different. That’s why it’s important to work with a telecommunications company that knows how to integrate the best access control solutions for your own building’s layout. With the team at Enhanced Telecommunications and Data, you’ll get a setup that truly makes sense, so nothing’s overlooked.

We work with all types of industries. So whether you’re the property manager for a collection of commercial buildings or the facilities manager at an industrial site, a business owner yourself or the one in charge of security for an office building—we can help!

You can get started by just sending us a quick message. Then we can either schedule a call or even arrange for a site visit to analyze what’s already working and what needs an upgrade. Need more security solutions indoors? Or a more robust outdoor access control system? We can cover all of your bases for better peace of mind.

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