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On July 12th, 2022

3 Robust Improvements for Employee Access Control Systems


Workplace access control systems can help enhance security, as well as safety around your site. They give business owners and property managers an easier, more reliable way to keep track of their assets. Plus, employee access control systems work to prevent break-ins. The right solution is better for everyone!

The Latest Tech for Employee Access Control Systems

Making even one slight improvement to your existing system can deliver a significant advantage. Retrofit access control solutions are great because you have all of the benefits of the latest technology without the initial upfront investment.

Whether you’re just getting started or you already have a few building management functions in place, the following options from Galaxy Control Systems can be smart upgrades for your own custom solution.

1. Professional ID Cards and Badges

The most robust employee access control systems don’t have to be the most complicated! The new potential of ID cards and badges provides organizations with even more flexibility. They've also become much more efficient and secure.

Organizations can use any combination of logos, graphics, photos, and other data for their ID badges. This allows you to design cards for all types of access codes. Your vendors and visitors can have distinct ID cards and designs. Then your employees can have their own access control badges and security features applied based on their title or department.

You’re even able to handle the entire badging process on-site. It all works from the same system, so you’ll manage your photo capture and badge design on the same computer. Then you can choose the best card printer for your team to have on-site. There are multiple different models for double-sided printing, magstripes, chip encoding, and other security features too!

2. Galaxy DoorPoint and PersonPoint

Today, we also have the ability to manage building access control codes right from our smartphones. Galaxy Control Systems platform has two types of mobile apps. These allow you to monitor and restrict a variety of activities on your site 24/7 from anywhere.

The DoorPoint app works to manage the access to doors throughout your building. For example, you can activate and deactivate specific entrances for a Crisis Mode event. And with PersonPoint, admin users will have direct control over the cardholders within their access control system.

At a moment’s notice, you would be able to turn to your phone and enter the app to correct any access control functions for an individual. Maybe an employee has just left the company and their access control needs to be canceled. Or perhaps you need to grant one-time access for another employee to enter a certain room. These apps can get it done.

3. Access Control Biometrics

Organizations that utilize a biometric type of authentication will arguably be working with the highest level of security. There’s always going to be some amount of risk involved with ID cards and badges that can be dropped or stolen. With employee access control biometrics, though, we don’t have those same concerns.

Another upside is that these systems tend to be the most convenient for people to use. You aren’t fumbling with a wallet or keys. It’s just a fingerprint scan and then you’re ready to go!

Access Control for Business Solutions—and More

Our team at Enhanced Telecommunications and Data takes a custom approach, so it’s easy to scale your solution. Whether you’re looking for new upgrades to your employee access control systems, or another telecommunications need, we can help. Just send us a message to set up your consultation. Let’s connect!

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