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On August 26th, 2022

Improve the Way You Work with Business Softphone Solutions!


Although “phone” makes up part of the word, a “softphone” isn’t actually a piece of hardware, like your desk phone. We need to look at the other half of the word. A softphone is actually a type of software! The solution is great for all types of business environments, especially for teams working remotely.

What Is a Softphone?

The softphone software gives you the power to place calls through the internet, rather than a typical phone line. That means you can use your computer for live conversations. Your audio will come from either the microphone and speaker on your device, or through a convenient VoIP headset. (This is usually the better way to go, just because it helps eliminate ambient noise.)

When your company is already using a VoIP setup, working with your VoIP provider to set up a softphone solution is a relatively easy progression. VoIP is the service that makes it possible to make and receive internet-based phone calls. The softphone is the interface that allows you to streamline your process!

Key Benefits of Business Softphone Solutions

Companies are able to secure a lot of benefits immediately after their softphone solution is integrated with their VoIP platform. The upgrade is convenient because it doesn’t necessarily require a new investment for telecommunications hardware. Plus, you’re also able to cut costs on your phone service because the softphone simply uses the internet service you already have in place. That could mean great savings for making international calls. You won’t have the regular fees associated with long-distance calls when you’re operating with VoIP and a softphone.

You aren’t sacrificing the convenience of a traditional business phone, either. Softphones let you keep all of the best functionalities, such as your auto attendant and call forwarding rules. And because many softphones can also sync with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform, your team members will have the ability to assign every call with the appropriate contact information in your company’s database.

Last but not least, softphones give your business more flexibility. As long as you have a solid internet connection, you’ll be able to place and receive calls from anywhere in the world, from any device. It’s an ideal setup for companies with multiple locations or employees who frequently travel. The flexibility also means it’s easy to scale your softphone accounts as you continue to expand your company and grow your team.

Let Our Team Help with Your New Allworx Softphones!

Our job at Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is to help clients develop comprehensive communications solutions to meet all of their needs. We've chosen Allworx as our preferred business phone system solutions provider. The manufacturer has been a leader in communications technology for decades, and it's been great to see how their technology continues to improve!

Whether it's a new series of business phones for on-site at the office, integrated network setups, or new VoIP headsets with your Allworx softphone solution, we’re always happy to discuss your goals and solution options. We have all of the latest business telecommunications systems available, and all of our services are easily scalable.

Start by sending us a message. Then we can set up a time to chat about the different softphone features and functionalities that might work best for your team. Or feel free to call (208) 947-3900. We look forward to connecting!

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