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On October 7th, 2021

Protect What Matters: Home Security Cameras & Quick Safety Tips


Whether you’re just gone for the afternoon or you have a week-long vacation on the calendar, it’s important to think about home security. Will your property withstand someone who is really determined to break in? Adding any one of these tactics into your home security setup is a great way to give you and your family more peace of mind.

3 Quick Home Security Tips That Often Get Overlooked

Having a dog at home can be a great deterrent for would-be thieves. And obviously a home security system with alarms is smart too. But it’s best to cover all of your options. These basic tips are easy for any homeowner to tackle. Plus, they’re super affordable—and even free!

1. Landscape & Lighting

Criminals never want to be caught in the act. So don’t let them sneak around any overgrown bushes near your ground-floor windows. Keep your landscape trimmed, and add a few lights outdoors to get rid of dark hiding spots that someone might be able to use at night.

Also remember: your home should look like it’s occupied around the clock. Once you take care of the lighting outside, consider adding timers to a few of your lamps indoors. That way, whether you’re home or not, it will always seem like there’s someone inside.

2. Watch the Outdoor Belongings

Your electronics indoors and expensive family heirlooms are certainly important. Have you thought about your garage, though? Bicycles and sporting equipment can be especially interesting for thieves . Even a fancy grill can be tempting for someone to load up in their truck. Keep your backdoor and garage entrances locked, and maybe add a security cable and padlock around your grill too.

3. Connect with Your Community

This is perhaps the easiest thing to overlook. Fortunately, it’s also completely free! In a lot of ways, home security is a team effort. Building relationships with your neighbors lets you have another line of defense when you’re away for extended periods of time.

You might also reach out to your local public safety professionals. Call the police department and see if they have any quick info to share about previous break-ins throughout the area. Are certain neighborhoods being targeted more than others? Based on those trends, what advice do they have about how to protect your property even better?

Benefits of Residential Video Surveillance Cameras

The primary goal is to make it extremely difficult for burglars and thieves to get their hands on your property. Lighting up your home’s perimeter can help keep them at bay. Yet there’s still a chance that they’ll succeed—or even just make an attempt.

In those scenarios, you’ll want to have clear evidence to share with law enforcement. It’s not a bad idea to give your neighbors a head’s up when you notice something suspicious either. Home security cameras are great because they can help identify an individual who might be putting your community at risk.

Home Security Cameras for the Treasure Valley—and Beyond!

Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is the trusted partner for all types of technology solutions and Boise surveillance systems. No matter where you live, though, home video surveillance cameras are a helpful tool. That's why we design and install both commercial and residential security camera solutions. We also serve the entire Treasure Valley, as well as the surrounding area of southwestern Idaho.

Let’s create the best layout for your property’s surveillance. Just send us a message to get on our schedule. Then we’ll come out for a site visit to analyze the options. Getting the cameras installed at the proper angles (and learning how to use your system correctly) will help ensure that you don’t miss a thing!

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