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On November 19th, 2021

Here’s Why Softphones Are Future-Proof


Communication is a key part of any company. You obviously need to relay information and answer questions for your clients. But it’s also about having good dialogues with your team. Now that remote work is becoming more and more common, a lot of business owners are realizing it’s time to get everyone the tools they need to touch base—whenever and wherever!

What Are Softphones? It’s VoIP Software That Goes Where You Go

The same business phone interface you’ve been using at the office can be carried with you. It happens with a softphone.

This is just a type of software. So you can have your softphone run on a laptop, for example. Or even a smartphone. That way, team members aren’t restricted to a desk phone. And there’s no need for multiple devices.

The phone calls themselves happen over the internet. By using a laptop as your softphone, you don’t need to punch in numbers on a desk phone or cell phone. You can manage all of your communications with mouse-clicks and continue to access anyone in your company database. Staying organized is easier. Plus, all of your tasks can be handled more smoothly because everything happens directly on your computer screen.

The Long-Term Perks of Adopting a Business Softphone Solution

We all know that new technology moves fast. There are innovations all the time, and that means companies need to be smart about their IT investments. Fortunately, softphone solutions are truly future-proof. They’re going to stay relevant because they can work in a variety of different ways.

To start, softphones aren’t hardware. As software, your softphone solution can have ongoing updates and upgrades. You aren’t stuck with a clunky desk phone or slow computer. Softphones are also typically less expensive to own. Moreover, you can scale and customize your plan to match the size of your team.

Moving to softphone technology is also extremely intuitive. The best softphones will offer straightforward click-to-dial functions, shared contact directories, simple call transfers, call recording, and more!

Enhanced Telecommunications Can Help You Make the Switch!

It’s normal for business owners and IT departments to be a little wary of adopting a new softphone solution. You want a system that’s going to complement your team's process. Then there’s the potential stress of rolling out the softphones. Will you get a solution that’s actually right for the way you work?

These are the same concerns we have at Enhanced Telecommunications and Data. After all, our mission is to deliver smart technology. The kind that actually benefits your organization without over-complicating things. We never want to leave our clients in the dark, either. That’s why we’re always easy to reach.

We’ve paid close attention to how softphone solutions have developed over the years. Even better, we know how to scale the systems for companies of all sizes, which helps protect your budget. We can make it truly seamless to move to a new process. There’s a lot to discuss, but we prefer to approach these projects in plain “people speak.” Please don’t hesitate to send us a message to learn more about getting started. We’d be happy to schedule a quick consultation!

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