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On December 2nd, 2020

Enhance Your Security: Retrofit Access Control Options

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Privacy and security concerns need to be monitored from every angle. On the one hand, you should always have solutions in place to protect your digital data. But many organizations will also need support for their physical site. That’s where access control helps out. These systems work to monitor who comes in and out of your doors, around the clock.

If your building itself is still working with outdated access control systems, it might be time for a retrofit upgrade. There are plenty of unique options for enhancing your property’s security. And customizing your existing setup can help keep your team and your process safe. The best access control and communications systems will streamline your day-to-day operations and work to ensure you have a truly modern site!

The Value of Modern Access Control

With today’s access control systems, companies are able to fine-tune their security settings on a truly personal level. This goes beyond just issuing keys to different employees and name tags to your visitors. Modern access control systems let you create a one-of-a-kind solution for your team and building.

By switching to advanced security codes, badges, elevator controls and more, you can make sure your most sensitive data and work environments are only accessible to authorized personnel. You can initiate access control rules based on employee roles and proximity readers, or even opt for PINs and keypads to make it easier on your employees. No one wants to worry about misplacing another badge or keyring. If you can create specific access codes for the elevator controls or different office spaces, then people can move throughout the building more efficiently and securely.

Options for Retrofit Upgrades

The biggest benefit of retrofit access control solutions is that it can save companies money. Rather than replace your systems altogether—why not explore your options with more specific upgrades? Review the areas that matter most, and then make improvements as necessary. For example, maybe you’ve overlooked priority areas like conference rooms and storage rooms that need to be restricted.

Then again, you might have systems that are already up to date, like your ID badges and alarms might. But you could still retrofit your building or office floor with a video surveillance solution. These are great ways to lower your liability and give you more peace of mind. Teaming up with your local telecommunications company can help you analyze your options. Whether you’ve been at your address for a while or just recently moved to a different building, a quick review never hurts.

Get the Best Access Control Solution for Your Site!

Every organization has different security needs, and at Enhanced Telecommunications and Data, we’re here to help you cover all of your bases. Compared to starting from scratch, retrofitting your site with new access control and security systems is a smart investment. Our technicians can help you review your weak spots. Then we’ll address all of your questions and can start talking about the retrofit options for video surveillance or better access control.

Personally, we choose to work with Galaxy Control Systems because their technology is both varied and intuitive. You can get access control options that utilize advanced biometrics readers, or even just a secure, yet basic keypad system. We can help you find the right fit with Galaxy’s solution offerings. Having us come out for a site visit is a great place to start! Feel free to give us a call at (208) 947-3900 to learn more.

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