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On November 23rd, 2020

The Difference Between Softphones and Cell Phones

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Lots of companies have relied on cell phones in the past for their on-the-go and remote business calls. But the times are changing. Now that companies are adopting more permanent work-from-home schedules, they need new ways to have streamlined calls. It’s one thing to have a business phone set up on your desktop in the office. And taking calls on a cell phone is another. Fortunately, softphones can give you the best of both worlds.

Business Phones and Remote Work Options

Cell phones are useful because they’re portable and versatile. Sales reps can call prospects and clients while they’re driving in their car, and cell phones allow teams to connect 24/7. But they aren’t exactly the best match for busy schedules, or even your typical office working process. So how can people create a functional (and comfortable) remote work solution? The answer, of course, is softphones.

With a softphone, you get the flexibility to work from anywhere with an internet connection, just like you would be at your office desk. Basically, a softphone uses software so your computer screen can mimic your typical desk phone functions. You can still put callers on hold, transfer them, and do other actions. Yet the softphone allows you do that from home, a hotel room, or anywhere else your remote work may take you.

Exploring the Softphone Solution

The softphone option offered by Allworx is a great match for companies that are already utilizing the Allworx VoIP phone solutions. Named the Allworx Interact Softphone, it pairs perfectly with the Reach Mobility and Verge products that many teams currently use.

Allworx gives teams a truly get the reliable phone solution that’s built for the way your company does business. This includes powerful business integration functions, such as the ability to access their entire contact database. You can make calls and manage your workload right from a laptop because now, your laptop is essentially working as your phone.

From call recording and call history reviews, to Salesforce login access and more, the Allworx softphone setup lets everyone stay productive and conduct “business as usual” even when they’re working offsite. Your work environment can virtually travel with you and still function just how you like it. Plus, with the low learning curve, softphone solutions provide an easy and effective way to step into the future of remote work.

Ready for More Flexibility with Your Calls?

Understanding the latest technology can be confusing, but at Enhanced Telecommunications, we work hard to make sure our clients feel comfortable with their new systems. Telecomm technology is supposed to solve your team’s challenges, not add to the frustration. That’s why we strive to address all of your most pressing issues as a one-stop shop.

If you’re ready to get a streamlined solution for your business phones and communication needs, know that we’re ready to help. A quick consultation can help us hone in on what exactly you need to make every day go more smoothly. Let’s set up a time to talk! Please visit our contact page to reach out and learn more.

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